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Caption Contest(!)

It’s Caption Contest(!) time! This month we have a photo that, judging from the comments on the Columbia 5.5 Sailboats Facebook page, was taken in the Oakland-Alameda Estuary.

Sail flying from channel markerAugust
Your caption here.
© 2022 Facebook/Columbia 5.5 Sailboats Group

Remember to check out last month’s winner and next top-ten comments in the August issue of Latitude 38.


  1. Rosann Allenbaugh 1 year ago

    Legacy Sail

  2. William A Huber 1 year ago

    CUT! Let’s call it a wrap!

  3. Lee Panza 1 year ago

    A Spinnaker Class has been established for the Alameda Estuary Submarine Races, along with a requirement that all participating boats carry above-water identification numbers; some respondents complained that “…the submarine races ain’t what they used to be, back in my day.”

  4. Scott Henry 1 year ago

    I just found a great new method to hang my spinnaker out to dry!

  5. William Cabranes 1 year ago


  6. Jeff thayer 1 year ago

    US Coast Guard San Francisco, US Coast Guard San Francisco, US Coast Guard San Francisco. All vessels are advised to keep an eye out for a naked Columbia 5.5 in need of a cover-up.

  7. David Henry 1 year ago

    I think the sail is giving us away since we’re trying to masquerade as a Day Mark.

  8. PJ Landresse 1 year ago

    Caption Contest Entry: Small boats channel markers

  9. Steve Wolff 1 year ago


  10. David Hayward 1 year ago

    Hey folks, they spinn belongs to my Ranger 26-2. By the way, I went back and retrieved it in a whaler. Just had to unwind it. No tears, rips or scratches on it. Its is back in service tonight.
    In reflection, it was very funny and great opportunities for funny story.

    • John Tennyson 1 year ago

      Probably not the way you wanted to get your photo in Latitude, but thanks for taking one for the team!

    • Monica Grant 1 year ago

      David, is this a true story? Or is this your entry for the the best caption? 🙂

  11. Roger Briggs 1 year ago

    Okay Bob, the spinn is dried out. Put it back in the bag.

  12. Kelvin D. Meeks 1 year ago

    Captain Ron: “Round the mark? I’ll show you Round the mark!”

  13. Tim Henry 1 year ago

    When the channel marker does a striptease.

  14. John Tennyson 1 year ago

    Linus and Lucy were surprised to learn that Charlie Brown had given up kite flying and had taken up sailing.

    • John Tennyson 1 year ago

      Anyone know where I can get a spinnaker made that looks like Charlie Brown’s shirt? Hmmm…

  15. John Tennyson 1 year ago

    To Lucy’s surprise, Charlie Brown eventually grew tired of kite flying and took up sailing instead.

  16. Peter Bellak 1 year ago

    My latest invention, the Marker Marker.

  17. David Crone 1 year ago

    That was another too close Mark rounding Robert.

  18. Rob Falconer 1 year ago

    Down periscope should get rid of it

  19. RICHARD BROWN 1 year ago

    Why do you need a channel marker at the top of your mast?

  20. Heartland Honey 1 year ago

    Waiting for a breezy day to sail away. Looking forward to changes is attitudes, changes in latitudes…

  21. Lu Abel 1 year ago

    Waved my wand and changed sailboat into day mark. Still working on sails….
    Harry Potter

  22. Daniel Casey 1 year ago

    Okay race committee, it’s 3:00am and they’re still way out there, so let’s call it a night and ask for their time tomorrow.

  23. Paul Galvez 1 year ago

    Delta Ditch practice session. Nailed it!

  24. Land Dale E 1 year ago

    Red Right on Return!

  25. Zac s/v Swell Patrol 1 year ago

    Here we see one of the more unorthodox weight-saving methods

  26. Heather Davird 1 year ago

    Maybe it’s still under warranty…

  27. K Allanson 1 year ago

    Red and green aids to navigation…

  28. Dave Peterson 1 year ago

    Red Wright’s sail drying service.

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