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Budding Sailor Loses Power Boat to Theft

An interesting story crossed our desk this morning — a boat theft. You may wonder what’s so special about that, but boat theft is not something that seems to happen a lot in the Bay Area (although there was that dinghy a little while ago). So are times changing, or did someone just get unlucky?

Jim Considine has kept his ’06 Pursuit 2570 (aka OS-255) at Gashouse Cove since the time of the America’s Cup in 2013. “It’s interesting, the way it happened,” Jim told us. “I was told I’d have to be on a waiting list, and then in the middle of the America’s Cup they gave me a slip.”

Having owned the boat since 2006, Jim would spend time motoring over to Angel Island or other destinations for hiking, and would sometimes motor to a restaurant for dinner. But eventually the wind and the constant parade of sails on San Francisco Bay must have caught his eye, as he began taking classes with Modern Sailing School & Club in Sausalito in 2020, and has now completed ASA 101, 103 and 118.

“I was actually coming back from a sailing class on Sunday and wanted to drop something at the boat.” That’s when Jim discovered his boat, which he had last seen on the previous Tuesday, was missing.

The missing boat has two Yamahas outboards attached to the transom.
© 2021 Jim Considine

The theft has been reported to the marina management and to the police. Jim has also taken out an ad in Latitude 38‘s Classy Classifieds. Hopefully between that and the investigations, the boat will be recovered. If you have any information, you can email Jim directly at [email protected].

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