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Boats Are Selling with the Classy Classifieds

Our Classy Classifieds work. Sometimes the seller needs to persevere, perhaps changing the ad description or adjusting the price. But even now, in these uncertain times, Christine just sold her boat. Reports from the waterfront are that boat sales are currently brisk.

“I sold my boat! You can cancel my ad for July. Thank you! It was made better by finding the right couple, new to sailing, to get such a comfortable and forgiving boat to learn on.” — Christine, Alameda, CA (6/3/20)

Gris Gris, Irwin 34, 1986

And, from time to time, a boat sells before the ad even goes to print. Back in February, we got this message from Bill. He’s a seller whose boat sold quickly.

“Please cancel my ad in Latitude 38 for my 1978 Islander 36. FYI, the day the ad hit the internet [two weeks before the print issue came out], I got a call from a buyer. I showed them the boat the next day, and the following day they made an offer, and the sale closed last Wednesday. Thanks!” — Bill, Alameda, CA (3/13/20)

Zenith, Islander 36, 1978

If you want to get your Classy ad into the July issue, the deadline is Monday the 15th at 5 p.m.

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