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How Not to Anchor During the Baja Ha-Ha

The Grand Poobah has compiled some tips on anchoring during the Baja Ha-Ha. And judging by the photos below, it’s a good thing that he has!

Do it in deep enough water. It’s not as if there isn’t room for 1,000 boats to anchor in plenty-deep water at both Turtle Bay and Bahia Santa Maria.

In the first two photos we see Captain Marco’s Lagoon 380 Younger Girl having to deal with anchoring in about four feet of water just off the beach at the Turtle Bay beach party.

“Marco, you’re a little close to shore, don’t you think?” the Grand Poobah hailed him.

“Oh, we’ll be fine,” he replied.

And he and his boat were fine. But only after about 70 people spent the better part of an hour or two trying to pull the boat off the beach.

Anchoring in shallow water
Were they successful?
© 2021 Richard Spindler

They were not successful. But Younger Girl finally did make it back to deeper water, after a rising tide had lifted her off the bottom. She suffered no damage.

Fortunately the water was warm enough to encourage lots of helpers to take a swim.
© 2021 Richard Spindler

In the third picture you see Carol and Wayne of the Hughes 45 Capricorn Cat dancing on top of the house. They could do this because they’d anchored in deep water in the first place, and so had nothing better to do than dance, dance, dance.

The joy of anchoring in deep enough water.
© 2021 Richard Spindler

Be smart; don’t anchor in water that’s too shallow. Although I have to say, everybody had a great time trying to push/lift the cat off the beach.


  1. Thoth al Khem 3 years ago

    I miss Spindler’s mind now that he is gone from the Magazine….just NOT the same anymore…..
    Thoth al Khem

  2. Mark Anderson 3 years ago

    Latitude 38 is just not as good now without Richard at the helm.

  3. ken brinkley 3 years ago

    what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger !

  4. Gerry Douglas 3 years ago

    Richard always had an interesting point of view and a great voice in Latitude and is missed. All things evolve and John and his team are doing a good job of expressing the Latitude point of view we all enjoy.

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