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It’s Official — Baja Ha-Ha XXIX Registrations Open May 9

Well, we said it a month ago, but now it’s (even more) official. The 29th annual Baja Ha-Ha cruisers rally from San Diego to Mexico casts off in October, with registrations opening on May 9. That’s a little over eight weeks from now, leaving you plenty of time to work through any excuses you may think you have to not sign up and enjoy one of the best cruising rallies on the planet. 

To help you hit that May 9 deadline, here’s the official press release that will give you the details, and the incentive you’re seeking.

Baja Ha-Ha, the world’s most chill long-distance offshore sailing rally, is set to depart San Diego on Monday, October 30, for Cabo San Lucas. As always, the 29th annual running of the event will include R&R stops at the funky little lobster village of Turtle Bay and the spectacularly surreal Bahia Santa Maria.

Let’s not forget the famous Turtle Bay cruisers versus locals baseball game.
© 2023 Baja Ha-Ha Sailors

Over 12,000 sailors have done the Ha-Ha, some as many as 12 times. The event consists of three legs — 360 miles, 240 miles, and 175 miles — over a two-week period.

There are eight major social events, from the Last Cheeseburger in Paradise Kickoff and Costume Party in San Diego, to the world-famous Here to Eternity Kissing Contest in the surf at Medano Beach in Cabo. It’s six months of fun and adventure packed into just 13 days.

Typical Ha-Ha weather conditions are California Casual, with light to moderate wind and seas. To date, 83 out of 84 legs have been off the wind. While air temps can be cool the first two nights, participants are soon in shorts and T-shirts.

Baja Ha-Ha sailboat
No foulies to be seen here.
© 2023 Ha-Ha Sailors

The fishing is excellent, with tuna, wahoo, and other fish.

One of the major benefits of the Ha-Ha is the tremendous amount of knowledge and boat parts in the fleet for those who need assistance on the way. Even free sail repair by Ullman San Diego at the two intermediate stops.

Each day brings a roll call, weather reports, and for boats with SSB, a net. During stops, there is an extremely active VHF net.

Unlike most offshore sailing events, Profligate, the 63-ft catamaran mothership, accompanies the fleet the entire way. She’s a vet of over 50 trips up and down the Baja coast.

For the first time ever the fleet is expected to be able to clear into Mexico at Bahia Santa Maria rather than Cabo San Lucas. It should be much quicker and easier, and there is no customs or agriculture check.

The Ha-Ha is open to boats 27-ft and longer that were designed, built, and have been maintained for offshore sailing. Each boat must have at least two crew with overnight offshore experience.

Sign-ups start on May 9 at The earlier a boat signs up, the greater the chance of getting one of the few berths in Cabo San Lucas.


  1. Bob Wilson 9 months ago

    Question from a former Baja Ha Ha cruiser still in Mexico. He asks what weather routing services and weather forecast equipment folks recommend. He is doing the bash this year. Thanks in advance!

  2. Bruce Bennett 9 months ago

    Do HaHa cruisers ever look for crew? I’m in Alameda and I’m tempted but currently own a motor yacht and a Catalina 22!

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