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Is It Actually Summer Yet?

Right now we’re about halfway into the official summer season. Although sailors in many parts of the Bay Area might be wondering how that can be so, as we’re still waking up nearly every morning to fog and temperatures in the low 60s. But let’s face it, that’s our weather. Mother Nature clearly doesn’t have a calendar, or if she does, she sees no reason to abide by it. The hot weather arrives in late August, just as the official seasons are transitioning to fall. So while we were thinking about the temperatures, we thought we’d flash back to the season’s opening day, June 20, and the Summer Sailstice sailing celebration that takes place every year on the weekend closest to the Northern Hemisphere’s summer solstice — because guess what? It looked cold then too!

Summer sailing
On Summer Sailstice the crew of SV Avocet left the harbor early, headed for the Channel Islands for a weekend of celebrating sailing.
© 2021 S/V Avocet

Chris & Marissa, aboard Avocet, were valued ambassadors and worked hard to get more people sailing on the Sailstice. In true ambassador fashion, they headed out with a small fleet of friends to enjoy the sail and weekend together.

Those jackets and that beanie are a dead giveaway.
© 2021 S/V Avocet

Here’s an excerpt from Sailing Avocet‘s Sailstice blog post:

It was the Summer Sailstice, a day to commemorate the solstice and enjoy the extra hours of light on the water with the wind in our sails. Chris and I were honored to be ambassadors for the organization and had done our best to inspire people to get on the water in any way possible.

Joining us on our Sailstice parade to the island were Quincey and Mitch aboard Esprit and our new friends Ashley and Scott aboard Azimuth.
© 2021 S/V Avocet

You can read more about Avocet‘s summer sail to the Channel Islands here.


  1. David N Henry 3 years ago

    It sure felt like summer this past Sunday, the 1st. Took my boat, Sea Brisket, out of Richmond Boardwalk at 9:30. With a good ebb tide and nice winds, went under the Gate by early afternoon. Winds never appeared to get over 15-17 kts., and the sun came out mid afternoon. Couldn’t have planned for a better day on the Bay.

    • Monica Grant 3 years ago

      That sounds like a perfect day on the water! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Marissa N 3 years ago

    Regardless of weather it has been a great summer!

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