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Oracle Team USA’s AC45 foiling on the Bay on February 25.© Erik Simonson Oracle Team USA’s new foiling AC45 rolled out of the shed at San Francisco’s Pier 80 on February 16, splashed, and, after a quick systems check, got foiling in a light 8-10 knots of breeze.
Jean Le Cam and Bernard Stamm have rounded Cape Horn in the Barcelona World Race.
The Coast Guard has asked us to reach out to our readership regarding the search for Richard Byhre, a 76-year-old sailor who did not return from his sailing trip as expected, and his dark blue 28-ft Catalina sloop Princess, homeport San Diego.
The Joker competes in the Carnaval Race aboard the boat designed and built by George Olson (and friends) of Santa Cruz.
After crossing 3,000 miles of open water, it’s nice to be greeted by a friendly face — and Polynesians are known for their warm, welcoming nature.
If Lloyd Thornburg thought his Gunboat 66 Phaedo, which has been based out of Newport Beach for nearly two years, was fast, yesterday’s ‘record’ run was an eye-opener about how fast Phaedo3, his new MOD70 trimaran, can go. 
Paul Recktenwald’s J/88 Lazy Dawg, racing in the Sportboat 30 division, and Gary Redelberger’s Farr 36 Racer X in PHRF 1 beat to weather in Saturday’s westerly.
The new Phaedo3 in the trade winds off Antigua.  Team Phaedo
©2015Latitude 38 Media, LLC The need for sailing at extreme speed under sail has apparently taken a powerful hold on Lloyd Thornburg, Latitude’s friend from Newport Beach, St.
A bird’s eye view of ‘ti Profligate, anchored in the aqua waters of the Caribbean.
If the Polar Star hadn’t been temporarily deployed to McMurdo Station, it’s not clear how the stranded Aussie fishermen might have been rescued. 
Navionics Gold electronic charts © Cabela’s It’s not unheard of for new software to be less well liked than earlier versions of the same software.
Sailing past Crockett on Carquinez Strait in the 2012 Delta Doo Dah. latitude/LaDonna
©2015Latitude 38 Media, LLC Delta Doo Dah 7 had a ‘soft opening’ on Friday.
You need some common sense, too. “We’ve got plenty of food, plenty of booze, good sails and all the safety gear you could ever need, so we’re going to be OK,” Jason McGlashan told the Newport (Rhode Island) Daily News before he and his dad Reg took off from Conanicut Marina in Jamestown, Rhode Island last Friday on what they expected to be a six-to-eight-week passage to 8,600-mile-distant Port Macquarie, Australia.
For days after the massive cruise ship grounded on the Giglio shoreline, divers and other rescue personnel worked exhaustively to find survivors and retrieve bodies from the Costa Concordia.
Elizabeth Ostrander. Not only does she have two long doublehanded ocean passages to her credit, we think she’s a very attractive woman.
Is this a cool photo of eco-friendly cruising or what? Swell
©Latitude 38 Media, LLC "Whenever possible, I use this precision anchoring technique seen in the photo to place my anchor in a sand patch where my chain won’t damage any nearby coral," reports Liz Clark.
"I am a proud member of the Latitude ‘Over 30 Club’, as I have owned my Pearson 26 for 38 years," writes William Grummel of Antioch.
High tide and a big sea swell made the spray fly on shore, while just beyond, Golden Gate Yacht Club held their fourth midwinter race in a fortuitous break between big storm fronts.
For most sailors it used to be that part of the attraction of getting out on the water was to escape the rat race and all its trappings, such as phones, faxes, computers and buzz-killing news broadcasts.
John Arndt, the Associate Publisher of Latitude 38, will give a talk, ‘A Sailing Life Inspires a Celebration of Sailing and Ocean Conservation,’ at a St.
Few forms in nature are more gracefully streamlined than a dolphin cutting through the water. 
We received many responses to Wednesday’s Mystery Photo quiz — some correct, some incorrect, and some creative.
"Our friend Dereck Vance here in Kerikeri, New Zealand, has not heard from his son Andrew and wife Megan for nearly one month and understandably he is curious to know where they may be," write Michel and Jane Deridder.