It is with heavy hearts that we report the passing of former Latitude 38 Racing Editor Rob Moore, who died yesterday after a two-year battle with lung cancer.
Our previous report that the mast of 84-year-old Tom Corogin’s Westsail 32 TLC had "snapped" about 500 miles south of Easter Island was apparently inaccurate.
In order to attract attention to the "Tullett Prebon London Boat Show at ExCeL", which runs from today till January 10, organizers brought in Tamara Ecclestone, she in the brownish number, and a number of other young women decked out in tuxedo-themed bathing suits and retro bathing caps that look as if they’d be ideal for lightly cleaning dirty boat bottoms.
It’s bad enough that this monument to evil is the centerpiece of the Central Bay, but now it will be glorified again in a new TV drama.
Kame perches atop Angel Island when he gives his Bay currents talk at the Bay Model (which is being refilled next month after a couple years of construction, by the way).
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Want to watch the St. Barth Bucket, "the greatest spectacle in the world," with the Wanderer and Doña de Mallorca from their Leopard 45 sailing cat ‘ti Profligate?
During the final inspection in the Econea bottom paint study, the superiority of the water-based test paint (right) couldn’t have been more clear.
Those who sail offshore know that you see seemingly inexplicable things at night.
The Stan Honey-navigated Investec Loyal stays between Bob Oatley’s Wild Oats XI and the finish on the Derwent River.
We were saddened to learn that circumnavigator and author Diana Jessie passed away on December 15 of congestive heart failure, following a series of strokes.
"When you ask a dozen cruisers about Mazatlan as a potential stop, the resounding sentiment is ‘skip it,’" writes Tucker Bradford, who’s cruising with his wife Victoria and two small children, Ruby and Miles, aboard their Emeryville-based Cal 43 Convivia.
Franck Cammas’ Groupama 4 is blasting north now, after a big detour south in Leg Two of the Volvo Ocean Race.
Nicole Ryan earned first place with this outstanding photo of Saturday’s San Rafael Canal Lighted Boat Parade.
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‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the yard
The boats were resting up on the hard.
On November 5, four days after leaving San Diego on what was to be a two-year circumnavigation, singlehander Dennis Howard was taken off his San Diego-based Flicka 20 Avalo by the crew of the 378-ft Coast Guard vessel Mellon, and his boat was left to drift.
The San Francisco Planning Commission adopted the environmental impact report for the 34th America’s Cup in a unanimous vote yesterday.
If you’re planning a trip to visit cruising or chartering friends in far-flung places this holiday season, we know how you can earn their undying admiration (at least until you break the head): Take down a bundle or two of the most recent Latitude 38s!
Like it or not, a huge part of celebrating Christmas — as well as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa — revolves around gift giving.
The six-boat fleet in the Volvo Ocean Race has already put in some heavy miles since starting Leg Two on Sunday.
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© 2011 Bahia del Sol El Salvador Rally Expand your horizons! Join a completely different kind of rally where you travel at your own pace to enjoy a springtime rendezvous with other like-minded, adventuresome cruisers.
If you read Monday’s ‘Lectronic item about this week’s America’s Cup meetings within a couple hours of its being posted, you may not have caught the correct time for the first one.
The adoption of the America’s Cup 34 environmental impact report is up for debate this week, and the America’s Cup Event Authority needs all the help it can get.
For many sailors, one of the highlights of sailing south off the west coast of Baja is fishing in its abundant waters.
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This lantern will definitely brighten up your favorite sailor’s holiday! © Southbound Solar Our solar-powered LED lantern is perfect for any boat.
You don’t have to be an entrant in next summer’s Singlehanded TransPac to attend the seminars offered by the Singlehanded Sailing Society in the months preceeding the 2,120-mile race from San Francisco Bay to Kauai.
The moon doesn’t disappear during a lunar eclipse but rather turns red thanks to sunlight refracting off Earth’s atmosphere.
Seventeen days into their attempt at the Julles Verne Trophy, the crew of the 131-ft trimaran Banque Populaire V are putting a beat down on the reference time of the current record.
British solo circumnavigator Jeanne Socrates was among dozens of adventurers invited to meet Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip at a reception at Buckingham Palace last night.