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Remember 56-year-old Reid Stowe — hero to some, whack job to others — who is bobbing around the world’s oceans as you read this, attempting to set a record for the longest consecutive time at sea?
If you’ve wondered whether Classy Classifieds really work, just check out this letter from Peggy Droesch and Rory Hansen of Pt.
Safe! In Wednesday’s ‘Lectronic, we reported that every boat in the U.S. and British Virgins Islands, includng our R&C catamaran ‘ti Profligate, was 24 hours away from getting hit by Hurricane Omar.
The devastating wildfire that raged across half of Angel Island on Sunday night was started by "human involvement," fire officials announced yesterday.
Hurricane Omar is heading directly toward the USVIs and BVIs. © NOAA On two occasions — one of them being the October issue of Latitude — we’ve written articles about having a catamaran in a yacht management program in the British Virgin Islands.
Princess Tai Ping will be sailing the Bay this Saturday. Princess Tai Ping
©2008 Latitude 38 Media, LLC Sailors interested in the days of old should make plans to go out this Sunday and see a bit of history on the move.
A small brushfire on Angel Island at 9 p.m. quickly spread to an inferno by the time this photo was taken at 10:15 p.m.
Morning Light as she crossed the finish line of the 2007 TransPac. © 2008 Abner Kingman There is frequent coverage of racing boats in the half hour before and after they cross the starting line of big races, and in the half hour or so after they finish.
Said to have hit later in the season than any previously recorded hurricane, Norbert lashed the Baja Peninsula Saturday with winds up to 105 mph and torrents of rain before marching across the Sea of Cortez to the Mexican mainland.
Ericsson 4 currently leads the Volvo Ocean Race. The second generation V70s are faster and hopefully less glitchy than their predecessors – but they aren’t any drier.
As most Latitude readers know, Skip Allan of Capitola, one of the best racers and cruisers that has ever come out of Northern California, scuttled his Wylie 28 Wildflower in rough weather on September 1 on his way back to California after winning the Singlehanded TransPac.
It’s time once again for Fleet Week, and while that means there’ll be some stunning aerobatics from the Blue Angels and a parade of Navy ships, it also means that the Coast Guard has set aside some space for this to take place.
When it comes to boat sales, the one area of the market that has continued to boom in recent years has been megayachts, particularly mega motoryachts.
Hurricane Norbert is 600 miles off Baja right now but is predicted to take a sharp right turn at Bahia Santa Maria.
If you’ve experienced odd problems with your GPS lately, you’re not alone. A number of sailors have reported that after booting up their GPS recently, the screen simply goes blank.
Falcon has spectacular curves, both aloft and in the superstructure. Unlike most large yachts, she has a high ratio of open deck space, making her look unusually graceful.
The disappearance of Southern California powerboaters Henry Sanchez and Penny Avila late Wednesday night still remains a mystery, despite several days of searching by Coast Guard rescue divers and other resources.
In last year’s event several 1D35 skippers, including Mario Yovkov (standing), had leukemia survivors onboard as crew.
Sailor/adventurer Steve Fossett’s fate has been a mystery for nearly a year. © Media Pro Nearly 11 months to the day since adventurer Steve Fossett disappeared, the remains of the single engine plane he was flying at the time have been found in the Eastern Sierra’s Minaret Range near Mammoth Lakes.
If you enjoy sailing up to the Delta, a proposed project to improve water quality and fish habitat may affect your future plans.
In a case painfully reminiscent of the Lynn Thornton tragedy on Clear Lake, a 37-year-old female sailor was killed Saturday evening after being struck by a speeding powerboat on Seattle’s Lake Washington.
Finally! Something worth reading. Annie
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC Just when you thought there was nothing left worth reading out there.
The long view from the San Francisco’s Sea Cliff area gives you an idea of how tall Falcon’s rig is, and how enormous the spectator fleet was.
A Bumblebee Called Kate at the place where planing meets stopping. © Erik Simonson With a win in Sunday’s distance race and a little help from the second-place boat, Seattle’s Kris Bundy and Jamie Hanseler won their fourth International 14 Nationals hosted by Richmond YC.