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October 1, 2008

Come On Down, The Weather Is Fine

Life on the hook was as good as it gets in Southern California at Cherry Cove yesterday. This location will, however, be jammed this weekend for the wild Buccaneer’s Day celebrations.

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If you’re staging your boat for the Baja Ha-Ha, you couldn’t pick a better time to be in Southern California. The weather is great. On the hook at Catalina’s Cherry Cove yesterday afternoon, it was a delicious 85 degrees. Last night it was warm and dry. At 7 a.m. this morning, it was 70 degrees and dry. A foreshadowing of Mexico. The next couple of days are expected to be similarly pleasant, with temperatures dipping a bit over the weekend. But today. . . marvelous!

While there have been quite a few Ha-Ha boats coming through Catalina, apparently the biggest single grouping is at the new Pier 32 Marina, just south of San Diego, where we’re told 28 Ha-Ha boats have already gathered. They still have some slips for smaller boats, so that’s an option to keep in mind.

Also, we should remind all Ha-Ha skippers that today, the San Diego Harbor Police will begin handing out Ha-Ha-only anchoring permits to registered participants, allowing them to anchor at a specially designated anchorage off Coronado, at Glorietta Bay. Talk to the Mooring Office staff at the Shelter Island Police docks, where slips are also available on a first come, first served basis. Call (619) 686-6227, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m any day for further info. They are doing their best to keep tabs on availability at all San Diego marinas.

Note also that longtime Ha-Ha sponsor West Marine will soon be running free shuttles around all over the San Diego area as a special courtesy to those who need to do errands, but want to save cab fare or car rental fees. Call the 1250 Rosecrans store at (619) 225-8844 for scheduling.

Who needs Costco burgers when you can eat like this – inexpensively?

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Lastly, a meaty subject: Restrictions on the importation of meat and poultry seem to change every year in Mexico. We’ve recently been informed that this year red meat — both cooked and uncooked — will be confiscated by health officials upon arrival at Cabo. However, there are no restrictions on poultry. So, before you’re tempted to buy a freezer-full of burgers and steaks at Costco, heed this warning. They’ve got plenty of good, inexpensive food in Mexico, so there’s really no need to overload your boat with U.S. merchandise. And besides, they’ve got Costcos in Mexico now anyway!

Seattle Sailor Dies in Tragic Nighttime Collision

In a case painfully reminiscent of the Lynn Thornton tragedy on Clear Lake, a 37-year-old female sailor was killed Saturday evening after being struck by a speeding powerboat on Seattle’s Lake Washington. Both incidents occured in the dark of night.

According to eyewitnesses, the small speedboat, which was operated by a 17-year-old boy and his 16-year-old girlfriend, struck the anchored Lisa B. sailboat — estimated to be 23 feet in length — from astern, and rode up over it, launching the victim, Middle School music teacher Heather DeHart, into the water. Once brought ashore, she was pronounced dead.

The speedboat driver, whose name has not been disclosed, was treated for minor injuries and released. Thus far, he has not been charged with any crime, pending a police investigation.

It is bitterly ironic that a brand new Washington State law now requires all boaters between the ages of 12 and 20 to take a one-time basic boating safety class and earn a Boating Safety Education Card. It is unclear whether or not the speedboat’s driver had completed the course.

So Long Rick, Hello Memo

So long Rick! (Left front.) Thanks for the good times from all of us who can remember them!

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After popular Zihua bar owner Rick Carpenter got into a paperwork hassle with the Mexican government, we heard a variety of rumors speculating on whether he would or would not re-open his downtown bar, which had become ‘cruiser central’ for visiting sailors.

The final word is that Rick and his wife Heike have said goodbye to Zihua for good and are moving to Idaho. But their former partner, Memo, will continue to run the place with a special affinity for cruisers. Now called Memo-Tee, it will serve as headquarters for the annual Zihua Sailfest, slated for February 3-8 next year, and will offer wireless Internet for the bay (free), showers, laundry, ship radio, live music, and more. Stay tuned for Sailfest updates.

October Latitude Hits the Streets

Finally! Something worth reading.

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Just when you thought there was nothing left worth reading out there. . . the October issue of Latitude 38 has hit the streets.

In it, you’ll find detailed coverage of the recent Rolex Big Boat Series, cruising news from around the world and much, much more — and it’s free at marine retailers throughout the Bay Area. Now, where did we put our reading glasses?

The long view from the San Francisco’s Sea Cliff area gives you an idea of how tall Falcon’s rig is, and how enormous the spectator fleet was.
A Bumblebee Called Kate at the place where planing meets stopping. © Erik Simonson With a win in Sunday’s distance race and a little help from the second-place boat, Seattle’s Kris Bundy and Jamie Hanseler won their fourth International 14 Nationals hosted by Richmond YC.