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Cruise Ship ‘American Jazz’ Shows the Way to Napa

Mention cruising the Delta to Bay Area sailors and many will respond that it’s too shallow for their “deep-draft” boats. This is despite the large ships that pass through the Delta to reach the Port of Sacramento and the Port of Stockton. Now there is also the 345-ft x 60-ft-beam cruise ship American Jazz that recently cruised up the Napa River to remind us there’s plenty to explore, and plenty of room for anyone to do it.

American Jazz
If American Jazz can make it up the Napa River you can too. The Navionics chart shows 97-ft clearance with the bridge up, and the fixed bridge near Vallejo with 104-ft clearance.
© 2023 Kirby Long

The ship berthed at Napa Valley Marina last week, though it will be heading to Oregon for the summer. It returns next year to offer eight-day, seven-night cruises with eight ports of call, on a round-trip tour starting in Sacramento. Prices range from $6,330 to $12,245 per person.

American Jazz up the Napa River
Kirby Long of Napa Valley Marina caught this shot of American Jazz making her way up the Napa River.
© 2023 Kirby Long

Alternatively, for the same or less money, you could cruise the whole summer with your family aboard a boat from the Latitude 38 Classy Classifieds like the one below.

Hundreds of people have had a blast with their family on the Delta with boats as simple as this 1975 Catalina 27 currently for sale in our Classifieds for $2900.
© 2023 Catalina 27 owner

Plenty more boats in our Classifieds could take you to the Delta this summer for less than a cabin on American Jazz. Cruising the Delta on a cruise ship is surely a treat for many and is proof the Delta has the depth and the attractions to make it a fantastic summer cruising destination. If you’re looking for a boat for the Delta or Mexico, or around the world, check out the Classy Classifieds — there’s plenty there to fulfill any sailing dreams you have.

Cruising the Delta is a great way to “jazz” up your life, and there are many ways to do it. We’ll be launching the 2023 Delta Doo Dah soon. Keep an eye on ‘Lectronic Latitude and our Delta Cruising page for further information.

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  1. Bill Crowley 1 year ago

    I believe your lead photo is of the Brazos Railroad Bridge a mile or so downstream from Napa Valley Marina. When I left that marina in June, 2017, after doing a bottom job on our Newport 30 with 47’ bridge clearance, I noticed that bridge was not fully open. I called the marina to get the phone number for the bridge tender, who I could see was there on the bridge, but they were unable to help me. I proceeded slowly and cautiously as I approached the bridge, which was fortunately elevated enough for me to squeeze under – but just as I passed under, another, larger sailboat with a taller mast headed upstream was not so lucky. Not sure if the mast or rigging was damaged, but we watched his wind instrument sensor get scraped off the top of the mast, and heard it crash hard onto the foredeck. The Captain was running at full cruising speed, and did not slow down as he approached the bridge. I have since failed in my attempts to ascertain the phone number or other contact info for that bridge – which is not listed with the other Delta opening bridges in the local tide books.

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