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December 5, 2022

Columbia 5.5 Meter Sloops Race on the Estuary

Columbia 5.5 start
A Columbia 5.5 start on the Estuary on light-air November 20.
© 2022 Slackwater SF

Encinal Yacht Club hosted the 2022 Columbia 5.5 Fall Regatta on Sunday, November 20. Light winds graced the Alameda Estuary; sailing was slow to drifting. Nine boats sailed in four races scored.

Spinnakers in light air
Spinnakers droop as competitors drift down the Estuary. This is (left to right) Roja, Barry Jive and the Uptown Five, Attestup and Alert.
© 2022 Slackwater SF

The photographer known as Slackwater SF took these photos from the pier on Oakland’s Brooklyn Basin. To see the complete album (in chronological order), go to

Spinnakers with Sales Force Tower
Roja (#1), Maverick (#14) and Rogue (#27) looking a little less droopy, while Ripple (#17) works her way upwind.
© 2022 Slackwater SF
Columbia 5.5s with USCG ships
Left to right: Barry Jive, Carina and Maverick work back upwind with the Coast Guard cutters in the background.
© 2022 Slackwater SF
Two Columbia 5.5 Meters
Once You Go Black… (#35) and Ripple on the run in front of Alameda’s Marina Village, following a slim finger of breeze.
© 2022 Slackwater SF

For complete results, see

Alert and Rogue
The first- and last-place boats: Alert (left, ninth place) and Rogue (first place) cross in front of Coast Guard Island.
© 2022 Slackwater SF

The Pacific Sail & Power Boat Show Is Back!

We’ve waited patiently, and the time has come: After a three-year break, the Pacific Sail & Power Boat Show is back on May 4–7, 2023. With the past three years’ shows being canceled due to COVID, we can imagine how much fun everyone is going to have catching up with their favorite, and new, sailors and vendors over the three-day event.

Pacific Sail & Power Boat Show logo
We can’t wait for May!
© 2022 CYBA

The announcement, made in a press release last week, outlines a licensing agreement between Sail America and the California Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA), in which the latter has assumed management of the show, with ownership eventually being transferred to CYBA. The show venue is the Westpoint Harbor in Redwood City, California, which provides extensive in-water dockage for a large assortment of sail and power boats, plus on-land space for various trailerable boats and a suitable tent space for booth exhibitors.

CYBA Executive Director Ty Mellott said, “Our goal is to support the return of a first-class Pacific Sail & Power Boat Show in Northern California that attracts regional and national exhibitors. We are delighted to be working with Sail America to produce the 2023 show. Attendees and exhibitors alike will find the location attractive with its ideal Mediterranean-like weather and the close proximity to a variety of restaurants and lodging that are within 10 minutes from the marina.”

L38 Boatshow crew
Yes! The Latitude crew will be there!
© 2022 John 'Woody' Skoriak

Under the agreement, Sail America members will continue to enjoy a member discount on in-water and upland exhibitor space, and Sail America will be named as a sponsor.

“Sail America is delighted to be working with the team at CYBA. It ensures that the show will continue, that the sailing industry in that region is supported, and provides opportunity for Sail America to focus on other programs that best serve its members,” Sail America’s president Josie Tucci said. “Our goal has always been to deliver a successful, sail-focused show that attracts regional and national attention in Northern California. We believe our new relationship with CYBA will help us to achieve that goal.”

The next six months will no doubt be busy for the organizers, with planning, preparation and hard work to be done, but it will no doubt be an excellent show, and we’re excited to see it back on the Bay Area’s calendar.

Private vs Charter Yacht Ownership — Which is right for you?

Dream Yacht Sales

Considering a yacht purchase? Curious about the advantages of a yacht charter ownership program? Learn more about what factors to consider in making a yacht purchase decision that’s right for you. Read the blog.

Not Every Christmas Present Has To Fit Under the Tree

We support local Christmas shopping at your downtown merchants or local marine store; however, if you insist on online shopping, have you thought about the Latitude 38 Classifieds? There’s no doubt that the best gift you could ever give your family is time together on a sailboat. The only question is, which boat? A small trailerable for cruising? A boat to take the family to Mexico? Or to the Delta? Or racing? All those options and more are available now for your online shopping pleasure. It’s a great start to making 2023 your best year ever.

Psycho Tiller II
This JPK 1080 would be a perfect surprise gift for the family who wants to race, cruise, and have fun together.
© 2022 Psycho Tiller II
Gemini Twin Encore
What to get the twins? If you have twins, the perfect gift could be the Gemini twins now in Latitude 38‘s classifieds.
© 2022 Classy Classifieds
Santa Cruz 52 Vela
What are you doing next summer? The Santa Cruz 52 Vela is available for the 2023 Transpac.
© 2022 Vela
Montgomery 23
This classic Lyle Hess design will brighten any family’s new year. Simple summer fun.
© 2022 Classy Classifieds
Catalina 36 Mk II
It says 9.5 out of ten for this popular Catalina 36 MkII, ready to go to Mexico this year!
© 2022 Classy Classfieds

If you do want something to fit under the tree you’ll find a Rocna anchor and a Pfaff sewing machine, plus a few other items that would qualify as your heaviest present of the year. You could start the year with a new job or career as a sailing instructor, or at one of the many other jobs in our job opportunities section.

You can keep dreaming, or cruise the classifieds to start living the dream in 2023.

Sailagram: A Snapshot of November Sailing

One of our regular Sailagram contributors, KB aboard the cutter Cetacea, shared his thoughts on how the Sailagram helps people who are new to the sport.

“Thanks, again, for your wonderful service for the sailing community! Sailing newbies love it since they can send a link to their friends, rather than upload photos, and they become part of a sailing journal and community. This often encourages more sailing on their part, with some joining sailing schools and a few even purchasing a boat for their own enjoyment introducing others to sailing.”

We added KB’s post just in case you need any more encouragement to add your photos to next month’s Sailagram.


Read of the Week: 'The Long Way'
Just to be clear, my telling you about my favorite sailing book — yet again — is an attempt to get you to tell us about your favorite sailing book. Can you say why it's your favorite? Can you say how it "made you" the sailor that you are?