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Not Every Christmas Present Has To Fit Under the Tree

We support local Christmas shopping at your downtown merchants or local marine store; however, if you insist on online shopping, have you thought about the Latitude 38 Classifieds? There’s no doubt that the best gift you could ever give your family is time together on a sailboat. The only question is, which boat? A small trailerable for cruising? A boat to take the family to Mexico? Or to the Delta? Or racing? All those options and more are available now for your online shopping pleasure. It’s a great start to making 2023 your best year ever.

Psycho Tiller II
This JPK 1080 would be a perfect surprise gift for the family who wants to race, cruise, and have fun together.
© 2022 Psycho Tiller II
Gemini Twin Encore
What to get the twins? If you have twins, the perfect gift could be the Gemini twins now in Latitude 38‘s classifieds.
© 2022 Classy Classifieds
Santa Cruz 52 Vela
What are you doing next summer? The Santa Cruz 52 Vela is available for the 2023 Transpac.
© 2022 Vela
Montgomery 23
This classic Lyle Hess design will brighten any family’s new year. Simple summer fun.
© 2022 Classy Classifieds
Catalina 36 Mk II
It says 9.5 out of ten for this popular Catalina 36 MkII, ready to go to Mexico this year!
© 2022 Classy Classfieds

If you do want something to fit under the tree you’ll find a Rocna anchor and a Pfaff sewing machine, plus a few other items that would qualify as your heaviest present of the year. You could start the year with a new job or career as a sailing instructor, or at one of the many other jobs in our job opportunities section.

You can keep dreaming, or cruise the classifieds to start living the dream in 2023.

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