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Laser Radial Worlds

Some wonderful photos, taken by Junichi Hirai, have been piling up in our inbox from the Laser Radial Worlds in Miho Bay, Japan. They are too good not to share with our readers. Racing began on Friday, July 19, and concluded yesterday.

Laser Radials starting
A start on Day 4.
© 2019 Junichi Hirai / Bulkhead Magazine Japan
Charlotte Rose
Charlotte Rose did the best of the American team, finishing in ninth place. The 18-year-old hails from Houston, TX, and is a college student at Jacksonville University in Florida.
© 2019 Junichi Hirai / Bulkhead Magazine Japan
Paige Railey
Paige Railey, 32, a member of St. Francis Yacht Club, finished 12th. Railey, from Clearwater, FL, has sailed in two Olympics (2012 and 2016). She was US Sailing’s Yachtswoman of the Year in 2010 and ISAF World Sailor of the Year in 2006.
© 2019 Junichi Hirai / Bulkhead Magazine Japan
Daphne van der Vaart
The photographer captured some wonderful expressions of determination. This is Daphne van der Vaart of the Netherlands, who finished 11th.
© 2019 Junichi Hirai / Bulkhead Magazine Japan
Ecem Guzel
Ecem Güzel of Turkey, in 10th place.
© 2019 Junichi Hirai / Bulkhead Magazine Japan
#218 Takeshi Kuroda
A smaller division for men featured mostly Japanese sailors. We’re pretty sure this is Takeshi Kuroda, who placed ninth.
© 2019 Junichi Hirai / Bulkhead Magazine Japan

Anne-Marie Rindom from Denmark won the 111-boat women’s division; Simon de Gendt from Belgium won the 32-boat men’s division.

The press release described conditions on July 23 as “clear skies and a mostly steady 18-20 knot westerly. They call this the Kamikaze Wind.The velocity varied a bit, with gusts in the low 20s. It was a day to stay in phase and stay in the pressure.”

For full results, see For more photos and videos, go to

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