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As reported in ‘Lectronic Latitude on Wednesday, Chinese singlehander Guo Chuan went missing from his 97-ft trimaran Qingdao China west of Hawaii while attempting to set a San Francisco to Shanghai record.
After 10 days at sea, 74-year-old singlehander Jeanne Socrates was forced to suspend her latest nonstop circumnavigation attempt and return to her Victoria, BC, homeport yesterday after taking a beating from extreme weather.  The amazing Jeanne Socrates in happier times.
Qingdao China sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge on Tuesday, October 18, bound for Shanghai, to begin a record attempt.
If you don’t know Jack — Jack van Ommen — you’re going to want to meet him at the Ha-Ha Kick-Off Party on Sunday.
The International Masters Regatta is sailed in J/105s in a round-robin format on windward/leeward courses in view of spectators along the San Diego waterfront.  © 2016 Cynthia Sinclair San Diego Yacht Club hosted the International Masters Regatta on October 21-23.
Saturday was Joan Storer’s granddaughter D’Arcy’s first time on a sailboat — ever (she’s the one holding the winch handle).
As this weather animation shot from Windyty shows, this is not the best time to try to sail south from Oregon and Washington.  © Windyty As the Grand Poobah, we’ve been closely watching the weather along the West Coast of the United States from early to late October for the last 23 years.
During the past two years, Mexican government agencies have worked hard to make it easier for recreational boat owners to visit Mexican waters — most notably, by the establishment of two new websites for obtaining visas and Temporary (boat) Import Permits online.
Charlie and Cathy Simon have their answer to the question, ‘What do you do after a circumnavigation?’  Celebration
©Latitude 38 Media, LLC Judging by the enthusiasm in their voices, you’d think Charlie and Cathy Simon are a couple of millennials about to take off on their first sailing adventure.
Writing about pumping out human waste from holding tanks is almost as uninspiring as actually performing that occasional chore.
A run on Saturday, the windiest day of the Express 27 Nationals. © Louis Benainous The 35th Express 27 National Championship was sailed on the Berkeley Circle during the first storms of the season on October 14-16.
At some point during the fire, Laetitia’s rig collapsed. © 2016 Petty Officer 2nd Class Philip Gilbert / USCG The USCG, along with several local agencies, rescued three sailors after their 44-ft sailboat caught fire Friday, near Rancho Palos Verdes, a city in Los Angeles County west of Long Beach.
If you are taking your boat to Mexico, it’s illegal for you to sail into Mexican waters until you’ve gone online and gotten a Temporary Import Permit (TIP) for your boat.
Merlin in the sling, ready to be splashed. The banner on the side reads, "Fast is fun." © 2016 Transpac 2017 Like Latitude 38 itself, Bill Lee’s 68-ft Merlin is pushing 40 years old.
Windyty’s graphical representation of this morning’s storm on the Northwest coast. © Windyty If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, you’re no doubt getting pounded by the first of three powerful storms sweeping across the Pacific.
On Saturday, October 22, Women Who Sail is having a reunion meeting at the pool at La Cruz Inn that will include all the original speakers from the very first meet-up there in February 2014.
World-record holder Guo Chuan will soon set sail from San Francisco — alone — in an attempt to set a new benchmark time for the 5,300-mile crossing to Shanghai, China.
Vee Cove, Isla Carmen, Sea of Cortez. The last time Teal and Linh Goben were there, it was just the two of them on their trimaran.
The yacht clubhouse at Morro Bay, as seen from the guest dock. © What we meant to say is that the unlimited welcome mat is not out at the Morro Bay Yacht Club.  Monday’s ‘Lectronic, in which George Durden of the Berkeley YC-based Jeanneau 45.2 Epiphany expressed disappointment with the treatment he felt he received from the port captain of the Morro Bay YC, generated a lot of response.
Peter Detwiler and his guests viewed Saturday’s Fleet Week air show from aboard the Catalina 36 Valhanna, sailed out of Tradewinds Sailing Club in Richmond.
Had the crews of the cruising boats not prepared well, yesterday’s depression could have resulted in a lot of damage.  © 2016 John Rogers “We’re having quite a ride here in Musket Cove,” report John and Debbie Rogers of the San Diego-based Deerfoot 62 Moonshadow.
George Durden, of the Jeanneau 45.2 Epiphany, is warning folks headed south to join the Baja Ha-Ha or otherwise, that the welcome mat is not out at the Morro Bay Yacht Club.
Soon after Fletcher was finally apprehended by authorities and brought ashore, he laid down on a bench and took a nap — undoubtedly exhausted by his ordeal during the previous week.  © 2016 Tauva Esera / KHJ News Following a bizarre sequence of recent events, American cruiser Dean Jay Fletcher currently awaits extradition from American Samoa to Tonga, where he is accused of murdering his Canadian wife Patricia Linne Kearney.  Having set sail from Mazatlan for the South Pacific in late spring of 2015 aboard their vintage Rhodes Bounty 42 Sea Oak, the couple reportedly arrived in the Kingdom of Tonga in May of this year.
Commodore at the helm of Flashgirl after coming around the east end of Oahu on the way to Honolulu.
With Hurricane Matthew fast approaching southern Florida, boaters are clearing their decks, de-rigging sails, checking their insurance policies and — in many cases — evacuating inland.
We’ve introduced you previously to the 2018 Golden Globe Race, but just a quick reminder — it was conceived in celebration of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s first-ever nonstop solo circumnavigation of the globe, in 1968’s Sunday Times Golden Globe, aboard his Atkins-designed ketch Suhaili.
Harry Hazzard’s Beneteau Frers 51 Distant Drum, at the Marine Group following the fire.  © Katie Wohlstattar Harry Hazzard, a veteran of 11 Baja Ha-Ha’s, including 10 with his Beneteau Frers 51 Distant Drum, had to leap into San Diego Bay on Friday or Saturday morning to save his life.
Waters off the Cityfront get pretty churned up due to all the erratic boat traffic, but it’s always big fun to be out there during an air show.  © 2016 Couple Travel Tips Before you become buried under the avalanche of tasks and obligations that the new week holds for you, let us remind you that today through next Monday is Fleet Week, when roughly a million people will flock to San Francisco Bay to tour naval vessels, rub shoulders with active-duty personnel, and marvel at the jaw-dropping feats of aerial acrobats who fly fighter jets and stunt planes.  As you’ll see on the event’s official website, ship tours happen all week along the San Francisco waterfront between piers 22 and 35 — and they all are free of charge.
This photo of the new J/70 world champions, Joel Ronning and crew on Catapult, shows how wet the boats are in big breeze.