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Archive for August 2014

Essential Reading for the Holiday Weekend

Get ’em while they’re hot. Hot off the press, that is. The just-published September Latitude is being distributed today throughout the Bay Area. latitude/Annie
©2014 Latitude 38 Media, LLC We certainly hope you plan to spend plenty of time out sailing this weekend. More »

Do NOT Do Mexican Paperwork Yet

Understandably, many Baja Ha-Ha entrants are champing at the bit to join the annual fall migration to Mexico. But we urge them not to jump the gun with completing their boat import and visa paperwork.  More »

Ronstan Bridge to Bridge

The start of yesterday’s Ronstan Bridge to Bridge, just west of the Golden Gate Bridge. © Chris Ray Conditions too rough for most players left the field open to the bravest (or most foolhardy) competitors in yesterday’s Ronstan Bridge to Bridge, a dash from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Bay Bridge at 5:30 p.m. More »

Hurricane Spawns Epic SoCal Surf

With more than two months still to go in the Eastern Pacific — meaning the Pacific Coast of Mexico — hurricane season, it’s already been a pretty epic year. So far there have been 14 tropical storms, including nine hurricanes. More »

Napa Valley Marina Rides Out Quake

"USGS shows the red dot right under our building," said Napa Valley Marina co-owner Tom Giovannoni of Sunday morning’s 6.0 earthquake that destroyed several buildings in downtown Napa. The marina, which includes a lot of dry storage and a boatyard, is located southwest of town. More »

Delta Doo Dah Deadlines

Sunset at Venice Island on the San Joaquin River. © 2014 Steve Andersen / Thetis Have you done the Doo yet? As Labor Day approaches, this season’s Delta Doo Dah cruising rally is winding down. More »

Powerboat Basic Training

We’ve always found it puzzling that in our highly regulated society you can buy a massively powered motorboat and drive it away without first passing so much as the most rudimentary safety course. More »

Legends Collide at Wooden Boat Festival

The Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend, Washington, will kick off with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear three sailing legends. © 2014 Northwest Maritime Center If you’re planning a trip up to Port Townsend for the 38th annual Wooden Boat Festival at the Northwest Maritime Center, September 5-7, be sure to get there a day early for an extraordinary special event you won’t want to miss. More »

Adventurer Update

We’re happy to report that Mike Johnson and crew are making good progress toward completing their transit of the Northwest Passage aboard Gitana. Seen here is last season’s route laid over a National Geo map. More »