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Napa Valley Marina Rides Out Quake

"USGS shows the red dot right under our building," said Napa Valley Marina co-owner Tom Giovannoni of Sunday morning’s 6.0 earthquake that destroyed several buildings in downtown Napa. The marina, which includes a lot of dry storage and a boatyard, is located southwest of town.

Napa Valley Marina is located where Milton Road, Carneros Creek and the Napa River come together. The big red dot is the earthquake.

© U.S. Geological Survey

The marina building suffered some cracked drywall but no major damage. However, like many Napa businesses, they lost a lot of wine – as well as paint and hardware – which tumbled off their store shelves.

This powerboat fell over, but all of the sailboats stayed on their stands.

© Napa Valley Marina

Tom reassures customers that all the sailboats are fine, as are the docks and the boats in the water. A few aluminum herring boats fell off their blocks but suffered little harm. "My computer, which was on the floor, flipped 180 degrees," said manager Kirby Long. "I don’t know how it could do that."

Cleaning up the mess in the store.

© Napa Valley Marina

Despite ongoing, somewhat startling aftershocks, the power’s back on, the phones and the well are working, and Napa Valley Marina is open for business as usual.

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