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Archive for May 2014

June Latitude Hits the Docks

Forget the yardwork, pick up a copy of the new Latitude 38 instead, and head for the hammock. latitude/Annie
©2014 Latitude 38 Media, LLC Arriving just in time so you can use it to procrastinate on doing your weekend chores, the June issue of Latitude 38 is being delivered throughout the Greater Bay Area.  More »

No Hope for Cheeki Rafiki Crew

All hope of finding Cheeki Rafiki‘s crew alive was lost Friday, when US Navy divers confirmed that the life raft of the overturned Beneteau 40.7 was still aboard. "Windows" were reportedly smashed out, and no signs of life were observed inside. More »

Amanda Whips In Hurricane Season

Amanda got off the 2014 Eastern Pacific hurricane season with a powerful start, as her winds to 135 knots made her one of the most powerful May hurricanes on record. Fortunately, she was like most Mexican hurricanes in that she started and matured far out to sea. More »

The Delta Doo Dah Starts This Weekend!

Jeff and Annie Cook’s bristol 33-ft Sprague Annie sailing through Carquinez Strait on the way upriver. latitude/LaDonna
©2014 Latitude 38 Media, LLC Although Delta Doo Dah DIY 2014 starts tomorrow, don’t worry because you’ve actually got all summer. More »

Latitude 38 Logowear for Father’s Day

Crissy Fields is giving her dad Latitude 38 shirts and hats for Father’s Day. What’s on your shopping list? “My shopping’s done!” said Crissy. latitude/Annie
©2011 Latitude 38 Media, LLC To get the goods in time for Father’s Day (June 15), please place your order by  5:00 p.m. More »
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Epic F–k Up at Expedition Yacht Launching

There have been a number of blundered yacht and ship launchings over the years, as evidenced from compilations on YouTube. Thanks to the botched launching of the 90-ft expedition yacht Boden in Anacortes on May 20, the compilations are now going to be one incident longer. More »

Seaquel’s Final Chapter

When Seaquel’s owner, John Berg, explained to a state agency that he didn’t have the means to salvage her, they organized contractors to pull her off the reef and destroy her yesterday © 2014 John Dour After the Ventura-based Nordic 40 Seaquel was driven onto the Kona coast late Sunday night, there was initial hope — at least among some observers — that she might be salvageable. More »