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Archive for April 2013

Whale of a Time

“Hey, what are you doing breaching on our race course?”
“No, what are you doing sailing in my swimming pool?” © 2013 Jay Ailworth Talk about having a ‘whale of a good time’. More »

Big Fun on Little Boats

Dennis Olson of Santa Rosa sent us the following report about having big fun aboard little boats on Tomales Bay.  “I think we should launch,” said Dave McEligot, the best sailor of the group. More »

The Latest in Latitude Fashion

Each year we order new and different items to sell at Strictly Sail Pacific and to stock our logowear shelves here at the office. It you didn’t get by our booth at the boat show, never fear, you can still shop for Latitude gear here! More »
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Dinghies for Sale or Rent

"Cruisers in the Sea of Cortez have been pretty casual about securing their dinghies overnight, usually just tying them to the stern of the mothership," writes Jon Doornink of the Puerto Escondido-based Morgan Out-Island 37 Seadream. More »

Two Siblings Survive Long Swim

Two siblings are lucky to be alive today after the charter boat they were on sank out from under them. San Franciscan Dan Suski, 30, and his Seattlite sister Kate, 39, had chartered a fishing boat off the north coast of St. More »
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Strangers in the Night

"At about 2:45 a.m. on April 20, Bridget woke up hearing what she thought was someone on the foredeck," reports Bruce Eastman of the Brisbane-based Alberg 35 Sojourn. The boat was berthed at the small 20-slip San Blas Marina rather than anchoring in nearby Mantanchen Bay, where there have been thefts recently on cruising boats. More »

Yeah, But Will They Use It on the Bay?

American entreprenuer James Clark founded several very successful Silicon Valley technology companies, including Silicon Graphics and Netscape, and after he did, got into sailing in a big way. After striking it big, he moved up from a Baltic 55 to the 156-ft sloop Hyperion. More »

Competition Heating Up for TransPac

Ex-Gitana 12, now named Tritium, has set her sights on breaking the very soft TransPac record. © Yvan Zedda / Gitana 12 In a recent ‘Lectronic about Lloyd Thornburg’s Gunboat 66 Phaedo leaving the Caribbean for the July start of the TransPac, we wrote that it was too bad their only competition going to Hawaii would be a Lagoon 45 cruising cat. More »

Oracle Team USA Launches 2nd AC72

Sleek, sexy and apparently faster than its predecessor, the new #17 is the latest speed machine purpose-built to defend the America’s Cup for Oracle Team USA. © Guilain Grenier / Oracle Team USA Among well-funded America’s Cup teams, it’s been a longtime tradition to build at least two boats so that different design subtleties can be assessed during boat-on-boat training sessions. More »