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Strangers in the Night

"At about 2:45 a.m. on April 20, Bridget woke up hearing what she thought was someone on the foredeck," reports Bruce Eastman of the Brisbane-based Alberg 35 Sojourn. The boat was berthed at the small 20-slip San Blas Marina rather than anchoring in nearby Mantanchen Bay, where there have been thefts recently on cruising boats. "She got up and looked out the open companionway hatch to see someone standing in a boat, holding onto our boat near the outboard motor, which was locked to the pushpit."

Bruce jumped up and "let out a mighty war whoop" as he jumped into the cockpit with a machete. That was enough to send the would-be troublemakers back to shore. Bruce and Bridget had no luck contacting the marina’s security guard.

"The incident does not detract from the generally great time we’ve had cruising in Mexico this season, or sour us on the idea of returning next season. We have resolved, however, to prevent anyone from entering the cabin of the boat while we are sleeping by locking in one of the companionway hatch boards, locking the companionway slider, and locking the V-berth hatch only partially open, whether we are anchored out or in a marina. We will also keep our lantern, air horn, can of wasp spray and machete at the ready at the bottom of the companionway stairs."

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