June 14, 2011


The AC34s were showing off for the media yesterday before one of them performed a perfect pitchpole (check out the vid below)!

© Oracle Racing / Guilain Grenier

A pair of sleek AC 45 cats demonstrated their eye-popping speed and agility yesterday, as a huge contingent of both local and international press looked on from the decks of the replica schooner America. As the narrow black hulls blasted past the schooner with remarkable precision, radio, TV and print reporters got their first sample of the vicarious thrill these cutting-edge racing machines can generate. But it wasn’t until after most journalists had packed away their gear and were about to leave the venue that the greatest excitement occurred — one of the cats buried her leeward hull and pitchpoled, launching skipper Russell Coutts right through the rigid wing, while the other crew members scrambled to stay aboard. 

(Footage by America’s Cup.)

If you haven’t been keeping up with recent America’s Cup developments, we should explain that the actual America’s Cup competition will take place here on the Bay in the summer of 2013, using 72-ft cats. The 45s seen here were purpose-built for a new pre-Cup exhibition called the America’s Cup World Series, which will tour the world with a series of promotional competitions. (See our America’s Cup FAQ for additional details.)

Meanwhile, the mainstream press is trying hard to educate themselves on the many issues facing this unique combination of A-Cup races. As part of that process, Latitude 38‘s Founder and Publisher Richard Spindler will be interviewed on KGO radio (AM 810) today at noon. Check it out. 

The groom and bride aboard their luxurious new Prout 50 catamaran. latitude/Richard
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC As the steward for the La Gamelle Syndicate’s Olson 30 La Gamelle, which is currently berthed at Marina Village in Alameda, we’ve suddenly gained a whole new group of sailing friends in that part of the world.
Oracle Racing’s AC 45s have been out there blasting around the Bay, and as the video above shows, it’s been pretty full-on racing for these "little" monsters.
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Go bottoms up with KKMI! © 2011 KKMI Finally, summer has arrived and we’re ready to service your yacht!
For several years now, members of a group called GoSailingSF have been quietly working behind the scenes to increase public awareness of sailing opportunities here in the Bay Area, and ultimately to increase participation in sailing on our local waters.
We don’t want to flog this dead horse any more than necessary, but the story of the Alameda Fire Department doing absolutely nothing to come to the aid of 53-year old Raymond Zack in neck-deep water off Crown Beach on Memorial Day just won’t die.