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34th America's Cup News

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'Lectronic Latitude Reports:

Simpson's Autopsy Report Released 10/16/13
Oracle Comeback Was Brilliant – and Legit
What Did You Think of the Cup?
Did You Hear? Orace Retained the Cup! 9/27/13
Australia to Be AC35 Challenger
Spectacular AC 34 Final Race Today
America's Cup Special Bulletin
Kiwis Foiled Again
Oracle Wins, Get Out the Rally Caps 9/20/13
Larry Ellison's Wednesday Dilemma
Best AC Finals Ever Got Better 9/16/13
Better America's Cup Viewing 9/16/13
One-Designs for the AC, Dammit! 9/13/13
Oh No, There Went the Oracle Mo!
Big Fun at AC Park 9/11/13
The Best America's Cup Ever? 9/9/13
Superyacht Regatta Begins 9/9/13
Let's Get Ready to Rumble!
What's Your Pick? 9/6/13
Red Bull Youth America's Cupdate 9/4/13
Oracle Gets 2-Point AC Penalty 9/4/13
AC Jury's Decision Delayed
Huge Crowd for Cat Racing
AC's Poop About to HIt the Fan? 8/26/13
Kiwis Clinch AC Challenge 8/26/13
Kiwis Still Need Three Wins 8/23/13
Bullish on the Red Bull Youth AC 8/21/13
America's Cup Schedule Changes 8/21/13
America's Cup Surprises 8/19/13
LVC Finals Start Tomorrow 8/16/13
Kingpostgate Slogs On 8/16/13
Oracle to Be Banned from AC? 8/12/13
All Eyes on Artemis 8/9/13
Three Cheers for Artemis 8/7/13
AC Showdown Tomorrow 8/5/13
Joy Ride for Top Gun 7/29/13
Kiwis Waltz into Louis Vuitton Finals 7/24/13
ETNZ Win Puts Them in LVC Finals 7/22/13
AYSF Receives Hanson Rescue Medal 7/19/13
Bowled Over by the Kiwis 7/17/13
Artemis Update 7/17/13
The First Two-Boat AC72 Race 7/15/13
Finally, a Real Louis Vuitton Race 7/12/13
Another Meaningless Kiwi Victory 7/10/13
One Is the Loneliest Number 7/8/13
AC Permits, Rudders and Elevators 7/1/13
AC Bits from Peyron and Cayard 7/1/13
Unresolved Issues for AC 34 6/24/13
AYSF Team Attempt Rescue 6/24/13
Meet the Force at GGYC 6/17/13
What's Up with AC Tickets? 6/17/13
Artemis Will Race in July 6/7/13
The 35th America's Cup on the Bay? 6/3/13
Stan Honey's Digital Magic 5/31/13
AC Teams Agree to Downshift, Training Continues 5/24/13
Luna Rossa Wants AC Wind Limits 5/20/13
AC War Horses Stabled While Safety Reviewed 5/17/13
America's Cup Full Speed Ahead 5/15/13
Investigation into Simpson's Death Continues 5/13/13
Simpson's Death Stuns Sailing Community 5/10/13
Artemis AC72 Flips, Crewman Dies 5/9/13
AYSF Capsizes AC45 5/8/13
Oracle Team USA Launches 2nd AC72 4/24/13
Tight Racing and a Collision at ACWS 4/19/13
Train with Team Artemis 4/8/13
A MOD 70 at the America's Cup 4/3/13
Catching Up with Stuff on the Bay 2/25/13
Tholke v. Energy Team Deal 2/22/13
17 Takes Flight 2/20/13
AC 34 Tickets on Sale Tomorrow 2/8/13
International Red Bull Trials Begin Tomorrow 2/8/13
Oracle Team USA Back in the Game 2/4/13
A-Cup Partnership Focused on Youth Sailing 1/21/13
Oracle's New Wing Arrives in the Bay 1/9/13
Favorite AC Quotes from Loïck Peyron 12/3/12
USA 17 to Fly Again 11/7/12
Taking Stock of ACWS Success 10/19/12
Oops! AC72 Down 10/17/12
What Would You Have Done? 10/10/12
Oracle Team USA Dominates on Home Turf 10/8/12
America's Cup World Series Shares the Stage 10/5/12
Ready to Rumble – AC Action Begins 10/3/12
Busiest Week of the Year 10/1/12
Washingtonians Dominate at Artemis Event 9/19/12
AC72 Launching This Week 8/29/12
Oracle Shines at ACWS Final 8/27/12
Musing About AC Finals Speed 8/27/12
AC World Series Viewer's Guide 8/24/12
See You at the AC World Series 8/22/12
ACWS Kicks into High Gear 8/20/12
AC World Series Viewing Updates 8/17/12
Kiwis Launch First AC72
Next Stop San Francisco for AC45s
AC World Series Semifinals Today
More America's Cup News
San Francisco Is for the Birds
Massive Turnout for AC World Series
AC World Series Dates in a State of Flux
A Tour of the Oracle Boat Shed
Who Are These Guys?
AC34 on SF Bay: Place Your Bets
Supes Certify AC34 EIR
AC Meetings This Week
Win a Ride on an AC 45
Oracle Doubles Up at AC World Series
AC World Series Starts Tomorrow
Luna Rossa Jumps Back into the Cup
Sailors' Chance to Comment
America's Cup FAQs Updated
ACWS Plymouth Wraps Up
ACWS Cascais Wraps Up
On the Beach in Cascais
AC World Series in Full Swing
Our Ride on an AC 45
AC Teams Announced
AC 45 Cartwheel
A-Cup to Promote Local Youth Sailing
AC 45 Shenanigans in Full Swing
A-Cup News
America's Cupdate
Chinese Team Joins the Cup Fray
USA 17 Makes Her Bay Debut
Oz Enters the Cup
Cup Racing Area Announced
AC Dates Announced
AC 45s Roll in 25 Knots
Craig Named AC34 PRO, AC 45 Sails

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34th America’s Cup

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