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Archive for March 2010

All Clear in Clipper Cove

If you look closely, two boats can be seen in this shot of Clipper Cove, taken a couple weeks ago. The one with the upright mast had arrived that morning, the other — a derelict — has been removed. More »

Ad: Boat Groupies Get a Bonus

© 2010 Seaworthy Goods Seaworthy Goods proudly launches their ‘Boat Groupies Gift Program’ for the 2010 boating season. This program is designed to support boat groupies: those organizations who encourage sailing and spread the love of boating — the ones who make it fun! More »

Cape Breton Island Makes the Bay

Cape Breton Island gets a fireboat welcome as they sail into the Bay yesterday morning. © Erik Simonson Cape Breton Island, the first of nine boats in the ’09-’10 Clipper ‘Round The World Race, sailed through the Gate yesterday morning after 28.5 days of sailing across a storm-lashed North Pacific. More »

A Swarm of Solo Circumnavigators

Abby Sunderland, the 16-year-old American girl who hopes to become the youngest non-stop solo circumnavigator, is slated to pass Cape Horn sometime tomorrow. Beset with problems immediately following her departure from Newport Beach on January 23 — and, of course, after fixing those problems during an unscheduled (but perfectly ‘legal’) stop in Cabo San Lucas — Sunderland has since seemingly settled into the ryhthm of her voyage aboard her Open 40 Wild Eyes, if not with the air temperature of wherever she is at any given moment. More »

Ad: DH Farallones Race & Multihull Expo

BAMA’s Doublehanded Farallones Race is a simply challenging race course with only one mark to round. The deadline to enter is March 31! © BAMA BAMA’s 31st Doublehanded Farallones Race is Saturday, April 3. More »

Bar and Humans Broachings in San Blas

The estuary at San Blas — once the base of operations for the Spanish in the Pacific Ocean — as seen from above. A southwest swell pours straight in between the northwest and southeast sides of the estuary. More »

Ad: Discover a Sailor’s Version of Paradise

Eustace, Ashley and the rest of the Water Sports crew at Bitter End have your boat of choice rigged and ready to go. Whether it’s a keelboat, dinghy, beach cat or board, they have toys for every sailor, and Atlantis WeatherGear wants to send you there to play with them. More »