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A Full Menu of Cruiser Events

If you think living the cruiser lifestyle in Mexico is all about solitude in uninhabited anchorages, think again. While this cruiser-friendly country certainly has a wealth of tranquil bays where one could easily escape from the wider world, most cruisers find that social interaction between like-minded sailors is one of the most rewarding aspects of the cruising life. More »

Groupama 3 Rollin’ On

At the halfway mark, Groupama 3 is rolling along in the Southern Ocean, reeling off 700-mile days and slowly increasing their lead against the Jules Verne Trophy reference time. After 25 days at sea, skipper Franck Cammas and his nine-man crew — which includes the Bay Area’s Stan Honey at the nav station — have, as of this writing, built up a 371-mile lead over the ’05 progress of current record holder, Bruno Peyron’s Orange 2. More »

Photo of the Day: Resolved!

February is coming to an end, as are many people’s New Years resolutions. In the January ’09 issue of Latitude 38, we featured the sailing resolutions of our editorial staff and challenged readers to set their own for the year. More »

Ad: Free Haulouts at KKMI

© At KKMI Pt. Richmond, your haulout is FREE with the purchase of our Bottom Painting Package through the month of March! We’ve made the process of getting your boat painted even easier by wrapping up the costs in package pricing. More »

‘Akela’ Sets New PV Race Record

Los Gatos’ Bill Turpin and Southern California-based partner Dave Janes’ Bay Area-based R/P 77 Akela set new record in the San Diego YC’s Vallarta Race when it crossed the finish line off Punta Mita around 9 p.m. More »

Navy Boarding in Barra de Navidad

The Mexican Navy’s boarding parties have become decidedly casual — either that or this is just a group of friendly sailors stopping by for a cerveza. © 2010 Lou Freeman Lou Freeman of the San Diego-based Swan 51 Seabird reports a surprsingly delightful late-night ‘boarding’ last night by the Mexican Navy at the docks of Grand Bay Marina in Barra de Navidad. More »

Winging It on a Wind Powered Ferry

For millennia, the wind has moved people from Point A to Point B, and on San Francisco Bay, we have an abundance of it for much of the year. So it seems odd that, in an area so forward-thinking and eco-friendly, we don’t have any wind-powered public transportation. More »

Ad: Sailing Log iPhone App

Document your voyage, with the Sailing Log iPhone application. This interactive logbook will provide you with a simple and effective method of tracking your sailing or boating adventure. Similar to the required paper version, Sailing Log can provide the required official documentation of your voyage. More »

Abby Crosses Equator

As Aussie Jessica Watson, 16, nears South Africa’s Cape of Good Hope and settles into the second — and arguably more difficult — half of her nonstop solo circumnavigation, Southern California’s Abby Sunderland, also 16, has crossed the equator. More »
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We admit it. We’re not the most tech-savvy crew here at Latitude 38. But there may be something to this whole Facebook thing. Not only do we post exclusive material on our Fan Page, but readers can respond and even share their stories and photos. More »