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Archive for May 2009
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Will the Prosecution Cry ‘Uncle’?

As we predicted from the beginning of the Lake County District Attorney’s shameful and misguided prosecution of Bismarck Dinius for the ’06 boating death of Lynn Thornton, their case is crumbling around them like a sandcastle at high tide. More »

Need Sea Time?

This is what Profligate looks like sailing downwind, not what she looks like on a Baja Bash. © 2009 Heather Corsaro If you’re got offshore experience but need sea time to get or maintain a certain class of license, Doña de Mallorca reports that she’s looking for crew for Profligate to do the Baja Bash. More »
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Lake County D.A. in Deep Caca

Last Wednesday Lake County Deputy D.A. John Langan asked Judge J. Michael Byrne to delay the felony vehicular manslaughter trial of Bismarck Dinius, which was to start today. Langan made the request because he said he was uncovering new information related to central figures in the case. More »

J/44 Elusive Sinks from Unknown Causes

Wendy and Steve wave goodbye, shortly before jumping off from Zihua last spring. latitude/Andy
©2009 Latitude 38 Media, LLC If you’ve ever shunned the idea of buddy-boating, this sad news may cause you to reassess your attitude. More »
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Cruisers Hopeful About Landers’ Survival

For this year’s Pacific Puddle Jump fleet, the elation from having arrived safely in French Polynesia was dampened when one of their own went missing. As reported earlier, singlehander Billy Landers’ Islander 36 Emily Pearl was found May 4 sunk in near-shore waters along the coast of Nuku Hiva, one of the principal islands of the Marquesas. More »

No Dearth of Crew Listings

We hear the same complaint on a weekly basis: "It’s hard to find good, consistent crew." This always comes as somewhat of a surprise to us, considering there are no fewer than 172 people included on the Crew Available for Racing list on our website. More »

The Weakest Link

Gilly Foy holds the Delta anchor like a guitar, happy that she and John were able to recover it. Destiny
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC "After thoroughly enjoying Sea of Cortez Sailing Week, we were anchored at San Evaristo on Easter Sunday," write John and Gilly Foy of the Alameda and Banderas Bay-based Catalina 42 Destiny. More »
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California Boaters Save DBW Again

DBW, our state Department of Boating and Waterways, has once again escaped the chopping block. You’ll recall that, as part of the latest budget proposal, legislators considered eliminating the DBW and tranferring all its functions to the Department of Parks and Recreation. More »

It’s Official

The future’s comin’! Dogzilla got the invite to the party, in early February of next year. © Gilles Martin-Raget Yesterday the Commercial Division of the New York Supreme Court upheld an earlier decision by the state’s Court of Appeals that — barring an unlikely mutual consent agreement — Alinghi must meet BMW Oracle Racing for a Deed of Gift America’s Cup match on February 7 or 8 of next year. More »