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No Dearth of Crew Listings

We hear the same complaint on a weekly basis: "It’s hard to find good, consistent crew." This always comes as somewhat of a surprise to us, considering there are no fewer than 172 people included on the Crew Available for Racing list on our website. Somewhere in that mix has got to be just the person you’re looking for!

But if not, the Latitude 38 Crew List offers yet another option: place your own Racing Skipper Looking for Crew listing. Fill out a short form, click ‘Submit’ and wait for potential crew to contact you. It’s easy, effective and, best of all, it’s completely free!


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Gilly Foy holds the Delta anchor like a guitar, happy that she and John were able to recover it.
The future’s comin’! Dogzilla got the invite to the party, in early February of next year.