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Need Sea Time?

This is what Profligate looks like sailing downwind, not what she looks like on a Baja Bash.

© 2009 Heather Corsaro

If you’re got offshore experience but need sea time to get or maintain a certain class of license, Doña de Mallorca reports that she’s looking for crew for Profligate to do the Baja Bash. While the 63-ft catamaran is currently in La Paz, she’s scheduled to depart Cabo San Lucas this Friday or Saturday for San Diego.

The current crew consists of Vince Rubino, who has done two Ha-Ha’s, and the Grand Poobah, who’s done 14 Ha-Ha’s. De Mallorca likes to do Bashes with four to five crew.

Mind you, this is strictly a delivery. And when de Mallorca does deliveries, it’s pedal to the metal as long as the weather is halfway decent. The long range forecast calls for reasonably good conditions, but you never know what to expect that far out.

Don’t be fooled by the casual pose, for when there is a delivery to be done, de Mallorca pushes long and hard, and doesn’t abide slackers.

©2009 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

Last year de Mallorca made it from La Paz to San Diego in just under four days. Because you never know about the weather along the Baja coast, anyone thinking about making the trip should plan on at least six days.

For more information, email Doña de Mallorca or call her at (415) 599-5012.

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