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Archive for September 2008

Massive Turnout for Maltese Falcon

The long view from the San Francisco’s Sea Cliff area gives you an idea of how tall Falcon’s rig is, and how enormous the spectator fleet was. latitude/Helen
©2008 Latitude 38 Media, LLC Maltese Falcon – the power and the glory. More »

Buccaneers to Pillage Two Harbors Saturday

What is it about dressing up like pirates that creates such good parties? latitude/Richard
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC A fleet of swashbuckling rogues and wenchs decked out in their saltiest pirate garb will descend on Two Harbors, Catalina, this weekend for the annual Buccanneer’s Day celebration. More »

Bundy and Hanseler Win I14 Nationals

A Bumblebee Called Kate at the place where planing meets stopping. © Erik Simonson With a win in Sunday’s distance race and a little help from the second-place boat, Seattle’s Kris Bundy and Jamie Hanseler won their fourth International 14 Nationals hosted by Richmond YC. More »
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Jury Selection Begins in Deleon Trial

Jury selection began this week in the trial of Skylar Deleon, the alleged ‘mastermind’ behind the 2004 disappearance of Newport Beach-based cruisers Tom and Jackie Hawks. Prosecutors contend that Deleon, along with two accomplices, lured the Hawkses into a test sail of the 55-ft trawler, Well Deserved, they had for sale. More »
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Sailing the Patch

Dr. Curtis Ebbesmeyer and Dr. Jim Graham are oceanographers and drift analysis experts. Although they’re based in Seattle, they work on ­— and are interested in — all sorts of things that go adrift at sea, from lost buoys and abandoned ships all the way down to sneakers and rubber duckies. More »

Gitana 13 Breaks Tea Route Record

Gitana XIII smokin’ up the Bay between breaking records this February. © 2008 Peter Lyons Remember Gitana XIII, the 110-ft maxi-catamaran that visited the Bay back in late February and early March? More »

All Things Falcon

There was a nice front page story in The Chronicle today announcing that Tom Perkins’ 289-ft mega sailing yacht Maltese Falcon will come under the Gate Saturday at 2 p.m. Reporter Carl Nolte got some of the information from us, and we feel it’s important to make one clarification. More »

Danger Never Takes a Vacation

How safe would you feel swimming or riding in a slow moving dinghy in front of this panga? latitude/Richard
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC Max de Rham, a Swiss citizen with a home in Maui, is about as adventurous a 70-year-old as one could imagine. More »

Tragedy Off Cannes

Tragedy struck the opening race of the Regates Royale off Cannes yesterday. British attorney Wilf Tolhurst, 64, was killed when his classic 50-ft 8-Meter Safir collided with a larger British yacht shortly after noon. More »

The Physics of Sailing Sneak Preview

An old salt once said, "You can learn everything you need to know about sailing in a day — then you spend the rest of your life getting it right." This may be a bit of a stretch though, especially considering the brain-twisting physics involved with modern sailing. More »