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Archive for September 2008
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Strong Quake Jolts Mexican Coast

The coastal region of west-central Mexico was rocked yesterday evening by a magnitude 6.4 earthquake, centered offshore, approximately 130 miles SW of Manzanillo, in the state of Jalisco. Fears that the undersea temblor would generate unusual wave action caused officials to issue a tsunami warning, but no abnormal conditions have been reported, and, according to on-site reporters, no major damage occurred ashore. More »

Tragedy Off Cannes

Tragedy struck the opening race of the Regates Royale off Cannes yesterday. British attorney Wilf Tolhurst, 64, was killed when his classic 50-ft 8-Meter Safir collided with a larger British yacht shortly after noon. More »

Ron Holland to Speak at RYC

Ron Holland, one of the top megayacht designers in the world, will give a presentation on yacht design at Richmond YC on October 6 as a fundraiser for the club’s Junior program. More »

Liverpudlian Sails 4 Cancer

"I’m not some ‘nutter’ with a death-wish," claims Liverpool resident Tom McNally in defense of his planned double-Atlantic crossing in his 3′ 10" homebuilt boat Big C. "After 25 years of small boat ocean cruising I think I’ve heard it all. More »

Incredible Rescue in the Mediterranean

Christophe Bouvet (right) and his savior, Paul Meihat. © 2008 Figaro Cap Istanbul Twenty-nine solo sailors were about eight hours into the second leg of the Figaro Cap Instanbul Race when word arrived at race headquarters that one skipper had apparently fallen overboard. More »

Falcon to Sail Under Gate Saturday

"Maltese Falcon is currently scheduled to pass beneath the Golden Gate Bridge at 2 p.m. on Saturday the 27th," we’re told by Kathy Daly of owner Tom Perkins’ office. The yacht is making excellent progress from Hawaii to California, and will probably anchor in Drake’s Bay on Thursday and Friday nights to clean up and get ready for her grand entrance. More »

Trash Talk

It would be funny if it wasn’t real. Most animals who get tangled in trash aren’t lucky enough to be found while they’re still alive. © 2008 NOAA/Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center/Brenda Becker Tomorrow is the third Saturday in September, which means it’s International Coastal Cleanup Day. More »
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Settlement in Clear Lake Civil Case

Does everyone recall that the Lake County District Attorney has steadfastly refused to file any criminal charges against Lake County Deputy Sheriff Russell Perdock in the death of Lynn Thornton? This despite the fact that on the evening of April 29, 2006, Perdock slammed his powerboat into the stern of the sailboat Thornton was on at between 40 and 55 mph on pitch black Clear Lake. More »

Dockwise Home After the Ha-Ha?

Is anyone interested in possibly having their boat shipped home on a Dockwise ship after the Baja Ha-Ha? Tim Holl, one of the crew of the Catalina 34 Caitlin Marie, entry #168, contacted Dockwise Marine to see if they had any ships coming north from Mexico. More »