Yumi Wilson was reading through a copy of Latitude 38 when she came across a flyer saying ‘Your Lucky Day’. Yumi’s boyfriend Art Hartinger, who’s an avid sailor, grabbed his Latitude at either Encinal Yacht Club or South Beach Harbor, unknowingly picking up a copy with a winning flyer inside.

Yumi Wilson will now be sporting a new Latitude 38 hat this weekend at Island Yacht Club’s Women’s Sailing Seminar.

© 2017 Yumi Wilson

It’s a simple idea (think a low-key version of the Golden Ticket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), but we’ve randomly snuck a few flyers into the mag, offering a select, lucky few a Latitude 38 hat — just send us a photo of you and the ‘Golden Ticket’ and share a sailing tale.  

Yumi — who is from Oakland and an associate professor at San Francisco State’s School of Journalism — has picked up sailing recently, having taken a course at Tradewinds Sailing Club. She’s participating in Island Yacht Club’s 25th annual all-women sailing course in Alameda this weekend.

And in a testament to how small the sailing world is, Tim Henry, our newest editor, had a few classes with Yumi while he was at SF State in the mid-2000s (we hope Yumi approves of how Tim edited this article). 

Keep an eye out for Art and Yumi sailing San Francisco Bay. Hat cords are recommended.

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