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Shopping for a Boat? Need to Sell a Boat? Visit Latitude 38’s Classy Classifieds

Classy Classifieds

Latitude 38’s Classy Classifieds are the place to shop for sailboats — as well as marine gear, trailers, liferafts, boat partnerships, trades and more.

You can also list your sailboat for sale or sell a slip or a home near the water. There are even crew ads, personal ads, Mexico ads, nonprofit organizations’ events and a miscellaneous category!

The deadline for paid classy ads in the November issue of Latitude 38 is Tuesday, October 15, at 5 p.m. Pacific Time. Ads go online within three business days!

Classy Classifieds

Free Classy ads for boats and items for sale under $1,000

Ads for boats or other items for sale for under $1,000 are free and will appear online only for 30 days. One free ad per person, per category, per 30 days. Up to 40 words of text. No brokers, no businesses, no photos in free ads — no deadline either!

Sold your boat?

Sorry, but you can’t cancel your ad via the website. Please just call or send us an email with the type of ad and contact info, and we’ll take care of it for you.

For any changes to a currently running classified ad, please call or email with the type of ad and contact info, and we will get back to you to confirm and then make the changes for you.

Ads on automatic renewal that are not canceled by the 15th of the month at 5 p.m. will be charged with the credit card on file and appear in the next issue of our monthly magazine. Ads not renewed by this time will expire and won’t appear in the next issue. Ads remain online until the following issue is published.

Looking for Display Advertising? Click here.

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Shootin' the Breeze
Say what you will about the modern America's Cup, but the launching of an entirely new class — and one of the most ambitious foiling boats to ever hit . . . or rather, skim above the water — is undeniably exciting.
Balmy Racing on San Francisco Bay
Three days of distance and buoy racing attracted eight California crews to the 2019 Express 37 Nationals hosted by Berkeley Yacht Club on October 4-6. Lingering summer-like conditions brought light but shifty winds.
Where you least expect it
I had lived for the past year in Rio Vista, in the Delta, riding a Simmer Pure Slalom board and Enduro sail, doing some fast runs but also a lot of walks of shame (back upwind up-current along the road).