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Unidentified Boat Pieces Uncovered on Local Beach

A little while ago we received photos of a piece of hull uncovered on a local beach. The timbered section still wore much of its paintwork, but no other identifiable markings were visible. Local sailor and part-time treasure hunter Chris Herrmann found the partially exposed remnant along with other pieces of timber on Muir Beach.

Section of hull found on the beach.
This segment of the stricken vessel is in relatively good shape.
© 2020 Chris Herrmann

“I wasn’t thinking this piece of what appears to be a Monterey fishing boat was uncovered on the beach after being there for a long time previously,” Chris said,  “because there are other planks and pieces strewn elsewhere on the beach.”

Upright boat piece after being dug out.
“The piece of the hull is standing up in some of the pics because I stood it up to get a better look, and of course to look for a treasure chest underneath.” Did he find any?
© 2020 Chris Herrmann

Chris discovered the boat on a Tuesday, and on Wednesday came back with a shovel.

“It also does not have signs that it has been floating at sea for a long period of time — no marine growth, barnacles or even slime. The varnished gunwale is also in decent shape like the boat recently met her demise, but poking around the internet, I cannot locate any recent news of such an event.”

When not engaged in treasure hunting, Chris sails and races his Folkboat, Thea, on the Bay.

Sailing Thea on SF Bay
Chris and crew aboard the beautiful Thea.
© 2020 Peter Lyons

Do you have any clues as to the origins of Chris’s beach find?


  1. Jocelyn 2 years ago

    These are from FV Blind Faith, she went down about 2 months ago, coming back from a salmon trip. Her captain was saved by the Coast Guard in the middle of the night, he managed to climb into the slush tank and stay afloat that way. It’s an amazing story.

  2. Captain David Kemp 2 years ago

    The vessel’s name was Blind Faith. She ran aground may 10th around midnight on the steepest section of cliffs near Tennessee cove. The cause of the demise was fatigue of the lone fisherman aboard who fell asleep after a twelve hour run returning from a three day trip in Monterey bay. The largest pieces of the hull represent the most recent wood work which was completed in 2007 at Spaulding boat works. The boat was built in 1953 at Genova boat works SF CA

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