Tickets for the 2020 Olympics

With just over a year left until the Opening Ceremony in Tokyo, tickets will go on sale July 9 for the 2020 Olympics.

USA 49er and JPN 49er.
49er teams training in preparation for the 2020 Olympics.
© 2019 US Sailing Team

Tickets must be purchased through CoSport. CoSport is the only authorized Games ticket retailer in the United States. Tickets purchased through other avenues cannot be guaranteed.

As of Friday, live ticket sales had been scheduled to open tomorrow, on Tuesday, July 2. However, CoSport has delayed sale dates due to processing issues amid record-high demand. According the website, live sales are now scheduled to begin July 9 in the US and Europe and July 10 in Australia.

Once sales start on July 9, you will be able to find tickets on the site and purchase them immediately. CoSport only accepts Visa cards, as Visa is the only card accepted at the Olympic Games. Inventory will be sold in real time and can change at any time, so check available inventory posted online frequently. The site’s FAQ section contains helpful info.

The Tokyo 2020 Games will take place July 24-August 9; the Paralympic Games August 24-September, 6. Although rowing and canoeing are in for the 2020 Paralympics, sailing is out. Olympic sailing will be held in Enoshima Yacht Harbour. The big marina with views of Mount Fuji is 40 miles south of Tokyo’s Olympic stadium on Sagami Bay.

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