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Terry Bingham Succumbs to Pancreatitis

We received the tragic news that Terry Bingham of the Seattle-based Union 36 Secret O’ Life passed away yesterday in a Bolivian hospital due to acute pancreatitis. Terry and his partner of 13 years, Tammy Woodmansee, have been cruising the West Coast of Central and South America for the past few years and had made it as far as Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador. They would occasionally leave the boat to travel inland and were on such an adventure in La Paz, Bolivia, last Monday, August 18, when Terry experienced debilitating stomach pains.

The diagnosis was pancreatitis but the treatment didn’t seem to help. Surgery revealed that he was also suffering from sepsis, a severe blood infection. Once antibiotics were started, Terry began to improve. Though he was still on a ventilator, he was awake and alert. Terry’s condition continued to improve, so much so that Tammy was told by the doctors that they would try to remove the ventilator yesterday. Sadly, Terry suddenly suffered full cardiac arrest yesterday morning and passed away.

"For those of you who go way back with Terry, I am so sorry for your loss," Tammy wrote in an update to friends. "Terry was a great guy and he will be missed terribly. We were all with him — me, Christen, Hollice and Brad (Terry’s adult children) — over the past week and during his last moments. He died peacefully after removal of life support, in accordance with his expressed wishes. He will be cremated tomorrow, so we can take his remains home and scatter them in Puget Sound and the Pacific ocean."

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