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Take Me Out to the Ballpark

Is that Tiger Woods on the field?

© 2010 Lynn Ringseis

It seems that a handful of folks around the Bay Area are getting pretty excited about some game that doesn’t involve sailing. We hear it’s played with a small white ball, so we’re assuming it’s golf. But isn’t golf played on a sprawling course? Well, whatever sport it is, they apparently play it right next to McCovey Cove, as evidenced by these photos sent in by Novato’s Lynn Ringseis.

Freda B and Sorcery rafted up among dozens of water-bound sports fans.

© 2010 Lynn Ringseis

"Great day at the ballpark yesterday," she writes. "That’s Sorcery and Freda B rafted up. You can even see a guy paddling around on a boogie board next to them. Hey, whatever floats! Go Giants!"

They may be a little damp, but these could be the best seats in the house.

© 2010 Lynn Ringseis

It’s ok, don’t get your knickerbockers in a twist. We’re well aware that the San Francisco Giants are in the National League Championship Series with the Philadelphia Phillies, that the Giants have a 2-1 lead, and that if they win, we’ll all likely be watching them play the Texas Rangers in the World Series. And to our way of thinking, the best seats in the house would be right down there in McCovey Cove.


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