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Sleeping Giant Awakens

Some people don’t believe that the South Tower Demon exists. They explain those instant changes in wind direction and velocity — which often cause nearby boats to spin out and momentarily head right toward the tower — by spouting lame ‘facts’ based on supposed real-world physics. Yeah, right.

Most local sailors know better. They are aware of the Demon, and give him due respect as they pass by the South Tower on the way back in from the ocean. But there are always a few who venture too close. Sometimes in the winter you can get away with it. But not during a healthy westerly such as we had this last weekend. Then — as you can see from this photo — he is alive and well and up to his old mischief. For what it’s worth, it’s all in fun. We aren’t aware of any boats that have actually hit the base around the South Tower. But some have gotten pretty darn close. When that happens, right before you go change your underwear, you can sometimes hear what sounds like laughter way up in the girders. How much more proof do you need than that?

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