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Signing Up for the Crew List Kick-Starts Sailing Adventures

How did the folks below end up having a rum punch together at Foxy’s on Jost Van Dyke during a recent summer BVI charter?

Foxy's Jost Van Dyke
Sharon (second from left) connected with the Crowley family through the Latitude 38 Crew List in 2013.
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The Latitude 38 Crew List now has more than 350 skippers and crew registered and looking to connect for more sailing. Way back in 2013, Sharon put her name on the crew list. Bill Crowley was looking for crew to join his family aboard their Vallejo-based Newport 30-2 Erewhon. This has led to many more sailing adventures together, including participation in the 2020 Delta Doo Dah. The photo above is from their charter with Conch Yacht Charters in the BVI in July. Sharon brought along her mom, Dagmar, on this trip. They celebrated — one year late — grandson Sterling’s graduation from high school. They made their way through the ever-evolving health protocols to rediscover that chartering in a tropical paradise is alive and well — and worth it. If you’re thinking about BVI chartering again, read Bill’s story in the current December issue of Latitude 38 before planning your trip. If you want to find crew or someone to charter with, like Sharon, add your name to the Crew List.


  1. Bill O'Connor 12 months ago

    Please ask those who put their names on the Latitude 38 Crew list to remember some basic courtesies when
    seeking a boat to crew on….the most consistent complaint that old -timers like myself have with the Latitude 38 list is: failure by folks posting to acknowledge an email request. When a skipper takes the time to write to you seeking your interest in racing or cruising….a simple sentence saying: “…thanks but busy…not this time but maybe next month…unavailable but am really interested, hit me back.”; goes a long way.
    When a non-reply happens to me, and it has been more pervasive recently, it gets a big line through the name with a “not again” note.
    If a skipper takes the time to review your ad and thinks you might be a good match… at least reply!
    It may not be this time but you may miss that connection that changes your entire boating/racing experiences for years. I speak from experience over 40 years racing: the best crew that I have found were often from lists like this one.

  2. Christine Romanski 11 months ago

    Ahoy, 55 Female crew, with cruising and racing experience. Member Palm Beach Sailing Club, ASA and USCG 50T license. Registered Nurse. Florida is home but living in La Paz BCS. Thanks for your consideration.

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