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    Taylor Miler 2 months ago

    I noticed when reviewing the list of vessels that went on the 2019 Ha Ha that there were 7 Catalina 36’s. I have such a boat and am considering doing the Ha Ha in 2020, assuming, hopefully, that we are past corona virus constraints by then. Is there some way I could email the owners of those seven boats and get any feedback they may have concerning their experience as it relates to the characteristics of their boats. I would be interested in getting any tips they may have for preparing for the venture? I would also like to be in touch with any that may have, or plan to, do the bash back. The 36 probably on the cusp of being substantial enough to go offshore I realize. I have no plans to do a true bluewater passage such as the Puddle Jump. I am just interested in thoughts regarding taking the boat on a coastal cruising trip such as the Ha Ha. Incidentally, the standing rigging was just replaced, so at least I’ve gotten that covered.

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