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A Couple of Salty Swapmeets to Enjoy This Weekend

On Wednesday we told readers about Owl Harbor’s annual Nautical Swapmeet being held this weekend from 8 a.m. to midday. Unfortunately we wrote the wrong date in our summary. The poster clearly says Saturday, August 13, and beneath that we wrote Saturday August 14. As reader Kevin McElroy pointed out, August 14 is a Sunday — completely the wrong day to attend the swapmeet, and if you did you’d find everyone had packed up and gone home. So thank you, Kevin, for alerting Owl Harbor to the error, and to Owl Harbor, our apologies


Nautical Swapmeet event poster
For those of you thinking about going, and for those who haven’t thought about it at all, the event is always a great day out and a good place to find a range of nautical treasures that you didn’t know you needed until you found it on someone’s table or tarp. And it’s FREE.

Meanwhile, reader John Fredericks let us know about a swapmeet taking place this weekend at the 5th Avenue Marina, Oakland. The swapmeet is held several times throughout the year as a fundraiser for the marina’s residents and will feature live and original maritime-style music, local artworks, nautical treasures, oddities and curiosities, and everything in between.

There will also be knot-tying demonstrations, satly-story telling, and a BBQ.
© 2022 John Fredericks

We hope you can make it to one or both of these fun events.

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