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Mike Holmes Navigates Pandemics, the Pacific and Richmond

Recently we found ourselves in need of a driver to deliver the monthly issue of Latitude 38. We posted an ad in our Classifieds and quickly got replies from some of the best people out there: sailors.

Latitude‘s newest driver, Mike Holmes, lives in Richmond, right where the deliveries were needed. As it turns out, Mike wrote our June feature story about his sailing adventures in this year’s Clipper Race, which, upon reaching the Philippines, was canceled due to the pandemic.

That was a shame, but a good story. Delivering our October issue on Thursday was his first day on the job (and his last day for the month of October).

Michael Holmes
Rose from Marina Bay in Richmond snapped this shot of Mike as he dropped off the October issue.
© 2020 Rose

Mike grew up powerboating in the Bay Area, but while living in Richmond he caught the sailing bug and took some lessons from Tradewinds Sailing School and Club. That led to his adventures in the Clipper Race, though he also let us know he met his wife while working on a 70-meter megayacht. Now he’s sailing locally and spending the 29-30 days he gets off from Latitude 38 working in the commercial real estate business.

Mike and Robin Knox Johnson
Mike was hanging out unmasked in the Philippines with Clipper Race founder Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.
© 2020 Sophie Owles

We were happy to find someone who knows how to navigate the Bay and the Pacific, and also knows his way around Richmond. You’ll see him next on November 1 with our next issue.

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