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‘Racing with Copepods’ at SMC

Back in 1951, Myron Spaulding bought property in Sausalito and started a boatyard that has since become the Spaulding Marine Center. Over half a century later, the center is a hub for boatbuilding, lectures and cultural events (such as movie night) and a unique education program for kids.

And this evening, SMC will host: Racing with Copepods, a short ocean-advocacy documentary produced by Barbara McVeigh and filmed right here on San Francisco Bay. The short features Sylvia Earle and is narrated by Kimball Livingston. Barbara’s uncle’s Bear boat #65, Magic Bear, will also be on display on the docks. 

Myron Spaulding always appreciated the latest in sailmaking technology, as evidenced by a photo we recently received from reader Ethan Hay, who asked, "Any idea what this thing is worth?"

Do signed sails become collectors’ items? Ethan noticed the signature on this old part-Dacron, part-Kevlar sail, which has a historic origin: "From the date, it looks like it was made around the time of the Loma Prieta earthquake. The Mylar has been reduced to shrapnel but otherwise it is in fair condition." 

© 2018 Ethan Hay

Myron would likely approve of both the tradition and focus on the future that continues at SMC. 

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