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A Preview of PICYA’s Annual Opening Day on the Bay

This coming Sunday, April 30, is PICYA’s annual Opening Day on the Bay. And while sailors all around the Bay may be taking part with their particular club or organization, or just sailing with friends, PICYA’s official Boat Parade starts at midday. Boats of all sizes will fly their colorful flags and fill their decks with celebrations. Will we see you out there?

The Opening Day Boat Parade, organized by the Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association, dates back to 1917. This year’s theme is “San Francisco Bay — Broadway on the Bay” and the parade will feature over 100 historic workboats, fireboats, tow boats, and classic and contemporary decorated boats, competing for the honor of “best-decorated boat.” The parade starts just north of Anita Rock off Crissy Field in the Presidio, and will move along the Cityfront to the first Fort Mason building east of the Marina Green.

Opening Day on the Bay flyer
Where will you be on Sunday?
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Celebrations will be enjoyed around the Bay — Corinthian Yacht Club will bless the fleet in Raccoon Strait as part of a weekend-long celebration; the tall ships Matthew Turner and Freda B, along with other boats from StFYC, Wylie Charters and more, will each join the parade before taking their guests on a tour of the Bay. Napa Valley Yacht Club is hosting members and officers along with the officers and directors of PICYA aboard Luxe Cruises’ vessel Cabernet Sauvignon. These are only a handful of the boats and celebrations that will be making Opening Day the best party on the Bay.

Whether you’re parading with your club or with your family, remember to fly your flags!
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You don’t have to be a yacht club member; any vessels can take part (as long as they’ve registered beforehand and have a marine radio). Regarding decorations, the theme “Broadway on the Bay” is open to interpretation. Some may choose to depict musicals, movies or cartoons that have been made into Broadway shows. Others may dream up scenes from current or past Broadway productions. Some boats will fly flags and streamers, or just join in the parade not decorated. All are welcome.

Take a peek at last year’s Opening Day. Hopefully this weekend will remain sunny!

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