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Have You Picked Up the Vibes on ‘Good Jibes?’

Michael Berndt and Apryl Hunt sail their Hunter 42 Marilyn out of the Oakland Yacht Club all the time, as well as racing their Olson 30 Flying Fish. They’re also frequent contributors to Sailagram. In the recent issue of Latitude 38, Apryl recounted her story of a scary moment when she fell off the Hunter alone at the dock. We decided to read her story in our recent Good Jibes “Verbatim” episode. Our “Verbatim” episodes are stories from the magazine read by our podcast provocateur, Ryan Foland. We sent the episode to Michael and Apryl so they could listen, to which Apryl replied, “We love Good Jibes! Thank you!” and Michael replied, “I listen to all of the podcasts.”

Michael Berndt and Apryl Hunt sailing the coast.
Michael Berndt and Apryl Hunt sailing the coast.
© 2024 Michael Berndt

Latitude 38 magazine and our Good Jibes podcast bring you the fun our readers (and listeners) have at sea, for those times you are stuck ashore.

Apryl and Michael out for a grey coold day on the Bay.
Apryl and Michael out for a gray, cold day on the Bay.
© 2024 Michael Berndt

We now have 146 episodes of Good Jibes available from your favorite channels, such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify. These eposodes include Moe Roddy talking with Paul Cayard, Nicki Bennett speaking with Liz Clark, and many, many more. If you haven’t tried our Good Jibes podcasts, you can check them all out here.

We also want to give our appreciation to Michael and Apryl for being frequent sailors, frequent readers and listeners, and frequent contributors to Latitude 38.

If you want to share your sailing story, email us at [email protected].


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