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Photos of the Day: CYC Midwinters

Division A start
The Division A (P1) start, with the Swan 53-2 Blue and J/124 Courage hot on her tail. The Farr 52 Zamazaan is sailing to windward in the background.
© 2019 Roxanne Fairbairn

Any workable breeze failed to show up for the Corinthian Midwinters on pleasant Saturday, January 19, and the race committee was never able to come out of postponement. But Sunday the 20th was just the opposite. A low-pressure system blowing through the San Francisco Bay Area carried with it gusts up to 30+ knots from the northwest.

P2 start
A big division, P2  scrambles at the start. Three were over early. Wayne Koide’s Sydney 36 CR Encore won her division.
© 2019 Roxanne Fairbairn

Photographer and race committee volunteer Roxanne Fairbairn was well situated on the signal boat to capture the excitement on the start-finish line. You can see more of Roxanne’s excellent photos on her SmugMug site.

J/105 start
The always-competitive J/105 start. Six of the eight boats signed up made it out on Sunday, and look how tightly they’re packed at the line. Tim Russell’s Ne*Ne won her class.
© 2019 Roxanne Fairbairn
P4 start
The P4 start. The PHRF divisions were broken up by rating, thus a 40-ft Hunter racer/cruiser (Sir Leansalot) was competing with the diminutive J/70 Wingman Racing. Elliott James (Roxanne’s son) and crew on the  Mancebo 31 Bloom County topped the division.
© 2019 Roxanne Fairbairn

Look for our race report and a few more photos in Racing Sheet in the February issue of Latitude 38, coming out on Friday, February 1.

Non-Spinnaker 2 start
Reefed mains were the call for these Non-Spinnaker 2 boats. Note that the Ranger 33 Summer Sailstice (right) has a double-reefed main and partially furled #2 jib. They came in second after Carl Flemming’s Tartan Ten Topgallant.
© 2019 Roxanne Fairbairn
Blue drops her kite
Ray Paul’s Blue was the first boat to finish. She held onto her time to win P1 by five minutes.
© 2019 Roxanne Fairbairn

Find scores from the day’s race at CYC will hold next and final races in the Midwinter Series on February 16-17. Go to to sign up.

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