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National Sailing Hall of Fame Accepting Nominations

On Wednesday, we told you about Paul Cayard’s impending induction in the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame. The San Francisco sailor had already been inducted into the National Sailing Hall of Fame, in 2011.

The sailing public makes nominations that the NSHOF’s volunteer Selection Committee will then review. The committee accepts nominations throughout the year. They’ll consider nominations received by midnight (Pacific Time) on March 31, 2020, for the Induction Class of 2020. Any nominations received after that will automatically be considered for the Class of 2021.

Nominees should have made a significant impact on American sailing at a national level. They can be active currently, or from sailing’s history. You can nominate a racer, a cruiser, a pioneer, an inventor, a naval architect, or an author, instructor or musician.

Doug Peterson collage
Inducted posthumously, yacht designer Doug Peterson of Los Angeles was among the Class of 2019, presented at Seattle Yacht Club.
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Eligible Candidates

  • Candidates must be at least 55 years old (or in the case of passing before 55, five years posthumous).
  • The Selection Committee will consider Modern (living or deceased) and Historic (deceased for 60 years or more at time of selection).
  • The majority of nominees are US citizens. Foreign nationals may be nominated if their work has contributed significantly to the development of the sport in the USA.

Build a concise case for the committee that outlines your nominee’s merit for induction into the Hall of Fame:

  • List their accomplishments in and contributions to the world of sailing at a national level — races won, inventions, publications, awards, other recognitions, etc.
  • Also list their notable accomplishments and contributions outside of sailing that you feel are important.
  • We encourage you to provide links to or copies of any articles, web pages, photos, videos or other publications that will help the committee get to know your candidate.
  • Be detailed but brief.

Nomination Categories

  • The Sailing Category recognizes achievements made on the water as a sailboat racer, cruiser or offshore sailor.
  • The Technical Category recognizes those who have significantly contributed to the technical aspects of sailing. Examples include designers, boat builders, sailmakers, etc.
  • The Contributor Category recognizes those who have made other significant contributions to the American sailing experience. Examples include teachers, coaches, administrators, media (including authored works, TV, film, etc.), artists, musicians, promoters and organizers.

Do’s and Don’ts

Everything you need to know about the nominating process is available by visiting our online nomination page.

Review the lists of Inductees and current nominees to see if your sailing hero is listed before submitting a nomination.

“Submitting duplicate nominations or engaging others in a ‘campaign’ for your person only adds to the burden placed on our volunteers,” says the NSHOF. “Please be considerate of their time. It’s a nomination, not a popularity contest. One nomination by any one person the online form is all it takes for a candidate to be considered by the Selection Committee.”

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