Mystery Spot

It’s easy to tell that this photo was taken in the beautiful Sea of Cortez, but where in the Sea of Cortez? 

© 2016 Robert Novak

May is a great time to cruise the Sea of Cortez. The Northers are long gone and the weather is pleasant. In Loreto, for example, the air temp averages 82 during the day and a pleasant 55 at night.

The only bummer is that the water temps are surprisingly cold: Only 65° in May. In June it’s 70°, and in July it’s 75°, while in September, October and November it’s 85°. Water visibility in May is 30-50 feet. By June it’s 50-120 feet.

Despite the great weather, Robert and Nancy Novak of the San Francisco-based Oyster 485 Shindig have put their boat away for the season. Before they left, they took this photo. Can you identify the location

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