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Motorboat Rams Docked Vessels, Injures One in Wild Newport Beach Rampage

News outlets are calling it a “joy ride,” but it was like a scene out of a bad action movie, or a perverted, nonconsensual demolition derby. Last week, a man described as “out of his wits” stole a 60-ish-ft motoryacht and rammed into docked boats in Newport Beach. One person was injured, and local news said that “many high-end boats were damaged.”

The crashy pirate was identified as 38-year-old Joel Praneet Siam from San Diego; he’s said to be a CEO, and is being held on $3 million bail, according to the Daily Mail. Reports said that Siam had damaged cars before stealing the boat. “He was seen being escorted by police wearing an orange life vest and wind-swept hair as he entered the squad car barefoot.”

In the initial ramming crash, a sailboat was struck broadside, crumpling the mast instantly and pancaking the starboard side. A person was apparently inside the boat. “The entire side came crashing in on me and it didn’t stop,” Debora Dolly was quoted as saying. She was taken to the hospital with a possible head injury. (The sailboat was docked near A’maree’s boutique and the Rusty Pelican restaurant, according to reports.)

Police haven’t confirmed if Siam was under the influence, but news reports said that a half bottle of tequila onboard was gone. “I saw the guy freaking out and then he was screaming,” a witness told the news.

Clearly, Siam was suffering a severe breakdown.

“Something with this kind of damage is an isolated incident and is pretty rare,” a sheriff’s officer was quoted as saying.

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