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More on the Spill

Someone braved the oil yesterday: Del Olsen took his new International Canoe on her maiden voyage near the Richmond YC yesterday.

Richmond YC
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It seems most boaters stayed off the water this weekend — some by choice, some because their marinas were boomed off — which undoubtedly helped oil recovery efforts. When boats pass through patches of coagulated bunker oil, they break up the more easily recovered big tarballs into millions of tiny tarballs, making full recovery nearly impossible. The Coast Guard’s latest report claims 12,271 of the 58,000 gallons of spilled gunk have been collected and more than 4,000 gallons have evaporated.

A quick swipe in our boomed-off slip with an Oilsorb rag collected a gooey film and a big tarball.

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Meanwhile, the feds have stepped in. This weekend, the National Transportation Safety Board took over the investigation of the Cosco Busan‘s impact with the Bay Bridge and resulting oil spill, and are considering criminal charges. Very little information has been made public but click this link to watch the AIS track of the ship when it hit the bridge.

Though nearly 200 birds have been found dead – and more are expected – hundreds were seen feeding in Schoomaker Point Marina’s lagoon this morning.

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Though we still can’t recommend taking your boat out, park officials have reopened Angel Island to the public, including the docks and mooring buoys (the beaches are still closed). For a full list of beach closures, go to

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Well-known J/105 Good Timin’ was stolen this weekend. latitude/JR
©2007 Latitude 38 Media, LLC We’ve heard many stories of boats being stolen, but to take one of the top racing boats of the Bay creates some seriously bad karma for the thief.
Thanks for the memories – the Ha-Ha fleet group hug in Cabo. latitude/JR
©2007 Latitude 38 Media, LLC The 14th annual Baja Ha-Ha Cruisers Rally from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas officially ended Sunday evening with the big awards party.
As the enormous Baja Ha-Ha disperses for points north, east and south, the primary means of keeping in touch with newly made friends is via cruiser nets.