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Make Time for MOB Training

Shana Bagley made friends with a real dummy during MOB training on Pegasus.

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Walnut Creeks’s Shana Bagley, who sailed several legs in the 2009-10 Clipper ‘Round the World Race aboard California, shared the following photos of crew overboard training aboard the 51-ft John Alden ketch Pegasus. Though Pegasus’ primary objective is to introduce disadvantaged youth to the joys of sailing, she also takes out private charter clients as a way to subsidize their non-profit program.

Pegasus Project volunteers must go through rigorous training to make sailing safe — and fun — for the kids that come aboard.

© 2011 Shana Bagley

"What a beautiful winter sailing day," she wrote. "Pegasus had a crew training day filled with safety procedures and MOB drills. We all had a great time and the day went by far too quickly — until we had to swab the decks, that is. Sure beats last year, when Team Cork had holed on a reef in the Java Sea and Team California and Team Finland had to rescue the crew from liferafts!"

Crew overboard training is an essential part of any boat’s safety regimen, so if you haven’t bothered to hold sessions, now is the time. Winter’s mild winds make it easier to get the hang of using your MOB gear, so the next time you’re out, chuck a cushion overboard and practice, practice, practice. You’ll be happy you did if you ever find yourself in a real life-and-death situation.

You don’t have to have a life-size dummy to practice crew overboard training — a floating cushion, a fender, even a hat blown off your head is a great excuse to practice your skills.

© 2011 Shana Bagley

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