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Tragic Shark Attack Disturbs Maine Summer

Along the normally peaceful coastline of Maine, a summer tragedy intruded on an already difficult year. On Monday afternoon, the first fatal shark attack ever recorded along the coast of Maine occurred just a couple of miles away from our summer sailing getaway.

Each year we manage to head East for a family reunion on the coast of Maine, which usually includes afternoon daysailing on our Pearson Ensign. This year there’s no family reunion, but we did hop aboard the Ensign on Sunday afternoon for a sail. It was a hot, gentle sail, so our daughters jumped off in the middle of Harpswell Sound to cool off while dragging astern. It was an idyllic afternoon.

Shockingly, the fatal shark attack occurred 24 hours later right near the sailboat on the horizon of the photo below.

Shark swim
You never know. The day after this photo was taken a fatal shark attack occurred just beyond the sailboat visible on the horizon.
© 2020 Latitude 38 Media LLC / John

On Monday afternoon, we happened to be on the docks of Mackerel Cove, picking up lobsters at Glen’s Lobsters, when some guys hustled past, jumped into a skiff, and roared off. We soon saw about four fishing boats in the harbor heading out to the mouth of the cove. We didn’t find out right away, but a few hours later we learned they were off to attempt a rescue, which, sadly, wasn’t possible.

Glen's Lobsters
A photo from Glen’s Lobsters we happened to shoot moments before local fishermen rushed out to respond to an emergency call at the mouth of this cove.

It is certainly devastating to the family and community. While exceptionally rare, these events also unnerve everyone’s sense of summer on the coast of Maine.


  1. Ken Brinkley 3 years ago

    Glad you folks are ok .

  2. milly Biller 3 years ago

    Wow- no doubt dear John ! It looks like there are quite a few sharks on the NY vicinity also. Wonder if its some Gulf Stream event that is triggering this ?

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